Reportage: Far from Heaven

Milena Fadda is a photojournalist from Sardinia (Italy). Through her reportage “Far from Heaven” she shows her personal opinion about the community she lives in. Text and pictures by Milena Fadda Edited by Chiara Costantino Sometimes, some places seem to live in an eternal fairy tale. That’s the misreading with the thin line which separates perception from real … Continue reading

Showcase: Mike Lund


Michael Raymond Lund is a visual artist (photography, painting/drawing) from Minneapolis, MN. Currently, he is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His goal is to be the greatest  photographer that has ever lived. Interviewed by Nassia Kapa Edited by Chiara Costantino Hello Mike, tell us a bit about the persona behind the camera. What would be the … Continue reading

Showcase: Blaz Kutin

Blaz_Kutin (15)

Blaz Kutin is a filmmaker and photographer. Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, he is currently based in Berlin, Germany. He graduated in Ethnology and Sociology, but soon started working as a film writer/director. He directed several shorts and received a New Media award at the Cannes Film Festival for his screenplay “Lara” (2006), while his first … Continue reading

Photoessay: “Early Sunday morning” by Julien Coquentin

Block C

“Early Sunday morning” * by Julien Coquentin This series comes from a photographic journal that I keep every day since I arrived in Montreal with my wife and our daughter one year old in April 2010 and for a few months. It was to learn to shoot by making a poetics of the city and … Continue reading