On the Spot: Mirko Grifoni


Mirko Grifoni was born in 1974, he’s a melting pot of different cultures, half Italian, half Swiss with ancients from Ghana. He had the chance to travel and live in different places, an amazing playground for an artist. He’s both into analog and digital photography , with a passion for experimental and b&w shots plus electronic music production. His motto … Continue reading

Showcase: Mike Lund


Michael Raymond Lund is a visual artist (photography, painting/drawing) from Minneapolis, MN. Currently, he is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His goal is to be the greatest  photographer that has ever lived. Interviewed by Nassia Kapa Edited by Chiara Costantino Hello Mike, tell us a bit about the persona behind the camera. What would be the … Continue reading

On the Spot: Nanni Licitra

Nanni Licitra (12)

Nanni Licitra (25) lives in Bologna and is a university student who loves analog photography (medium size, 35mm, 110mm, instant). Always charmed by pictures of great bands of the past (Joy Division, The Stooge, Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground), which for him are much more realistic and, at the same time, more dreamlike than the modern … Continue reading