On the Spot: Benedetta Ristori

Benedetta Ristori (26) is a young photographer currently based in Rome. After high school she approached the world of visual art in a spontaneous and individual way.  Since 2009 she dedicated herself entirely to photography. Benedetta started as an assistant photographer in Rome and began to exhibit in group exhibitions and later in solo exhibitions. As a freelance photographer she focuses on fashion and portraits works.
Her main topic are people; it remains crucial in the path of the artist to capture the human individual and grasp its deeper and inner appearance, trying to make it clear through the image.
In 2013 she approached the world of fashion. In 2014 Benedetta was interviewed by Vanity Fair – Style.it in the Emerging Photographers section. Previously she exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Rome and Milan.

Edited by Chiara Costantino

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( Images © Benedetta Ristori)
More about Benedetta Ristori's work here
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