Showcase: Mariella Amabili aka MarιLəBοᴎe(s)


Showcase: Mariella Amabili aka MarιLəBοᴎe(s) Meet Mariella Amabili aka MarιLəBοᴎe(s), one of the most interesting, intriguing and mysterious young photographers that Fluster Magazine has ever met. Mariella is becoming increasingly popular in the major photography communities on the internet and we are sure we’ll hear more about her in the future. “50% alien, 30% ghost, 20% … Continue reading


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Fluster Magazine was created to showcase the world from the readers` point of view and offer a platform where readers can gain more exposure as artists. We were really happy to know that one of our featured Italian photographers  was invited to  to exhibit his work in one of the most celebrated art venues in … Continue reading

Showcase: Kasia Skrzypek

rnelly nero ivory bleach

Kasia Skrzypek is a Polish photographer based in Brussels (Belgium). Kasia graduated from Universiteit van Amsterdam in 2009.  Interested in conceptual portraiture, and emotional weddings. Also addicted to exploring and endeavouring new shores.  “Constantly on the move, learning, shooting and loving”. Hi Kasia, where are you now and what`s the weather like? Hello, I live … Continue reading

Showcase: Ivanna Vidal

Light Painting

Ivanna Vidal is  a 20 year old photographer born and raised in Miami from Cuban descent. “Photography is the most constant thing in my life”. Hi Ivanna, where are you now and what`s the weather like? I am in Miami where there’s always a beautiful sky and the sun is always shining. -What is photography … Continue reading