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Creative Superstar(s) Wanted

Fluster Magazine is growing rapidly  and that means we are looking to add to our editorial team.
We are looking for writers, graphic designers and  translators (italian/english)
but we are especially looking for creative people with new ideas! Any suggestions will be considered!
Interested?  To apply fill the form below:
4 Responses to “Join Us”
  1. Much thanks for the like. I might have a couple of ideas for your magazine. Not sure they would be suitable. I write stories you see, I’m not a journalist as such however, I would like to try. But if you feel stories would be of use then please let me know. I can do short stories or a a series with a self contained element.Thank you again.

  2. I would like a bit more detail on what you’re looking for as well, but also some idea of the pay rate involved would be very helpful, thank you. I tend to work on reviews and I have a few people in mind for interviews, such as illustrators and local fashion designers. Would any of this be of interest?

    Many thanks.

    Joanna K Neilson

  3. creeped says:

    Thanks for liking my blog. I love the surging creative energy of this little magazine!

  4. Thank you for the ‘like’. This is my first visit to ‘Fluster’ and would like to explore writing opportunities. Thank you.

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