Showcase: Shelbie Dimond

Shelbie Dimond is a 22 years old artist expressing her creativity as photographer, model and actress. Born and raised in the US, she is full of inspirational ideas that constitute an exceptionally fresh and engaging portfolio that has been hosted in various web pages such as Shooting Film, Vogue Italia, Pulse Magazine, Unicorn Dream Magazine and plenty of others. She has participated in exhibitions and shows in the US.

Interviewed by Nassia Kapa
Edited by Chiara Costantino
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 Hi Shelbie! Who is behind the camera. Introduce yourself.

I’m a 22 year old Bay Area transplant (born and raised in very small town in western Michigan, USA). I enjoy roller-skating, ice cream, polaroid film, bunny kisses from my rabbit Henry, 1940s dresses, and sailing with my husband.

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What is attracting you to photography as a way of expression and communication?

Photography is a way for me to express myself without having to say anything. I can capture a moment in time, even if the moment has passed years ago, or has yet to happen. I have full control of what the viewer sees. 

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Tell us a few things about your portraits. Who are your models? What do they mean to you? What sort of messages and thoughts do you want to provoke?

For a long time my only models were my close friends. After I moved away from home there was a small period of time I would photograph girls I found via the internet, and that was that. I found that my photographs meant the most to me when I have some sort of relationship with the subject, whether it be a model or surrounding, so I’m back to working with only those who inspire me on more than one level. I’m not necessarily interested in “pretty”. I want to evoke an intimate relationship or the sense of having a “past”, which is difficult when there’s nothing to build on. Lately I have been fairly focused on my self portraiture, but my main muse has been my lovely friend Erin (aka ErinTheArtist) who is also a self portrait photographer. We have a few big project ideas in the works!

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 Tell us about your nudes. They seem to evoke a sense of romance and sexuality but they are not provocative in the most expected way.

Thank you! My nude work is relatively a new venture. It is….very honest. Or at least I aim for that. I absolutely love the female form, and I have been trying to explore my own relationship I have with my body. For much of my teenage years up until recently I have had body image issues, like many girls, and this has been really positive successful.

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Do you also work on the styling and the execution of the idea behind your photo shootings?

Absolutely! I’ve worked with a few stylists, but mostly I style my own shoots. I completely love vintage fashions from the 20s-50s (I also sell vintage clothing on Etsy). Again, nostalgia comes into play here. 

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What sort of projects, ideas are you currently working on?

This year is about self exploration, getting back to the basics and exploring new places. I am trying to focus more on my self-portraiture, which is what got me shooting in the beginning. In some instances, I am including other human subjects in the self portrait as well.

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What are your influences? Are there photographers you admire or get inspired by?

Film Noir, Zeigfeld Girls, ErinTheArtist, Cary Ann Wayman, Hana Haley….along with many others!

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What are your aspirations? What do you aim to accomplish in the next few years?

Exhibitions, travel, unexpected adventures… maybe a photo-book. 

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What would you advise young photographers?

Just keep shooting! Don’t wait for inspiration to come, make your own if you have to. Carry a real camera with you at all times, try not to depend on your Iphone.

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 Finally, give us 3 words that identify you through your photography.

Nostalgic, intimate, whimsical.


(Images © Shelbie Dimond)

More about Shelbie Dimond’s works here


nassia_bio2Nassia Kapa, aka Nassia Katroutsou, is an independent self-taught Greek  photographer based in London, UK. Restless in mind and passionate in heart, she only  realised her genuine obsession with photography, when her need for self-awareness  and repositioning in life was of vital importance. She has participated in local  exhibitions in Athens, Greece and her work has been hosted among Greek and  international photography related web pages and magazines. Nassia Kapa is an escape  exit for Nassia Katroutsou, and her main target is to experience life to it utmost limits, using photography as a vehicle.



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