On the Spot: Benedetta Ristori


Benedetta Ristori (26) is a young photographer currently based in Rome. After high school she approached the world of visual art in a spontaneous and individual way.  Since 2009 she dedicated herself entirely to photography. Benedetta started as an assistant photographer in Rome and began to exhibit in group exhibitions and later in solo exhibitions. As a freelance photographer … Continue reading

On the Spot: Kristina Muñoz


Kristina Muñoz is a 27-years-old Children illustrator from Seville (Spain) and currently resides in the United Kingdom. She was always fascinated by Classic tales and the beautiful illustrations around them. Kristina followed her childhood ambition and studied Fine Arts, specialized in Painting. In 2009 she went to Rome to study her last year of Fine … Continue reading

Showcase: Claudia Moroni


Claudia Moroni was born in Rome the day that Chernobyl’s radioactive fallout reached the city and, in spite of her mother’s worries that she would grow an extra arm, she is a “normal” 6ft tall girl who looks anything but Italian. Currently she lives in London, where she works as a freelance photographer and assistant. … Continue reading



Showcase: Maren Becker Maren Becker is a former law student and now media designer by profession, living in Southern Germany.  Where are you now and what’s the weather like? I am at home in Germany, and it is a crisp cold but sunny winter day. What is photography for you? When did you start? Taking … Continue reading

Showcase: Federica Campochiaro


Federica Campochiaro studia architettura e design a Roma. E’ originaria della Lucania. Da sempre le piace disegnare, ascoltare molta musica, vedere film e “fare cose sciocche”. – Quando hai iniziato a scattare fotografie? E’ iniziato tutto un paio di anni fa, disegnando credo: la fotografia era (ed è ancora) uno strumento di riferimento e di … Continue reading