On the Spot: Aurélien Buttin


Aurélien Buttin (27) lives in Amiens, France. He studies geography and plans to travel from Canada to Argentina and take photos on his way. He likes photography since he was a child, with photography he can express his feelings and how he sees life. He considers photography more than an art: the power to catch … Continue reading

Reportage: Pascal Fellonneau

Pascal Fellonneau is a French photographer exploring the landscapes of Europe from Iceland to Spain, from his hometown Bordeaux to Paris where he now lives. An important part of his work questions the urban scene as we inhabit it. His pictures depict strange yet familiar landscapes often devoid of humanity. After living in Iceland for a few years, he was … Continue reading

Showcase: Claire Burelli


Meet Claire Burelli a French photographer based in Montreal (Canada) – Hi Claire, you said you are French but live in Montreal, why this choice In 2004 with my boyfriend decided to make a trip to Montreal for vacation. Later on he had a job opportunity in the city and left France. At the time … Continue reading

Showcase: Julien Coquentin


Julien Coquentin was born in 1976 in France and has worked as a male nurse for over ten years. He has two daughters and he travels a lot. He is passionate about photography since 2007 and about chocolate all his life. Interviewed by Chiara Costantino   [traduzione in italiano in basso] Hi Julien! How did you … Continue reading

Showcase: Alain Etchepare


Interviewed by Chiara Costantino   [Scroll down for Italian translation] Alain Etchepare was born in 1965 in Biarritz (France). He has been a professional photographer for many years before changing job and practising photography just as artist.     Hi Alain! How did you come to photography? I discovered photography during a darkroom session where I was … Continue reading

SHOWCASE: Julie Hascoet


Meet  Julie Hascoet a talented young French photographer exploring the relation between organic and syntethic, life-death-and what`s left inbetween through an unconventional still life photographic style. – Hi Julie, where are you now and what`s the weather like? Hi ! I am in a room, in Paris, just came back from a one-week trip, hitchhiking through Belgium … Continue reading

Showcase: Thomas Czarnecki


Thomas Czarnecki comes from North of France and studied advertising in Belgium, at St Luc, because he believed it was a good compromise between art and real life. Today, he works both as Art Director at Leo Burnett offices in Paris and as freelancer, in order to preserve the freedom photography brings to his life.    … Continue reading