Showcase: Luisa Montalto

plume-blue copertina

Intervista di Giulia Bertelli [Scroll down for English translation] Hai vissuto in città diverse, ma qual è quella che più ti è rimasta nel cuore? Qual è quella in cui vedresti ambientato il film della tua vita? Parigi, senza alcun dubbio, perché romantica, intensa e malinconica… La mia malattia più grave, temo sia il romanticismo, … Continue reading

Illustrations & Design: Adam Proust


Meet Adam Proust, “Surreal Shapist” from Vancouver, Canada Who is Adam Proust? Tell us a bit about your background. I was born May 1st 1986, in Vancouver, Canada.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a need to create.  I was that kid who was always making up stories and drawing, the … Continue reading

Design & Illustration: Natalie Clapp


Natalie Clapp is a talented artist from Frederick (USA). Her series “Southern`s finest” offers an original interpretation of people portraits, beware… Who is Natalie Clapp? Tell us a bit about your background. Well, my mother is an artist, her mother was and artist, so I guess it was fate that I was to be so … Continue reading

Comics: Clovis & Augusta by Paulo Stocker


Meet  Clovis & Augusta by Paulo Stocker  from São Paulo, Brazil. -When did you start drawing comics? -PS: At age 16. Aos 16 anos. -What are comics to you ? -PS: It´s one of the ways to express what I feel through my drawings. Uma das maneiras como eu expresso o que sinto com o … Continue reading

Comics: Frostovision


Reg and Frost live in the urban wilds of Wisconsin where they attempt to collaborate and create art. They live together and contrary to popular belief, are not actually dating. They are both 25 years old and love such things as British television and comic books though Frost loves Marvel and Reg has been inducted … Continue reading

Design: Alessandro Ardy

Night and Day

Alessandro Ardy è nato nel Novecento a Genova dove tuttora risiede e lavora. Diplomato  al liceo artistico, lavora  presso la Essedi Edizioni, serigrafia d’arte, che ha al suo attivo collaborazioni con nomi del calibro di Spiegelman, Glaser, Loustal, Crepax, Altan, Luzzati, Costantini, Echaurren, Nespolo e molti altri. Per Alessandro lavorare in una “bottega d’arte”, cercando … Continue reading

Design: “CUTS” by Kotryna Zukauskaite


“CUTS! but its so hard to resist.. Can you cut down on coffee? partying? reading? or.. shower time?? CUTS is a print series inspired by info graphics and stuff that takes a big chunk of personal budget but are very hard to resist.. what would you sacrifice?” K.Z. Whilst the global economic crisis has affected … Continue reading

Comics: Yo & Dude™ by Eric Hews


Meet Yo & Dude™… from the pencil of Eric Hews. -Who are Yo & Dude™? Yo, short for “Yogurt”, is a red cat. He’s snarky and cynical. Me, essentially. While he gives everyone a hard time for seemingly no reason, he has a good heart and wants the world-at-large to be a better place than … Continue reading