Showcase: Sandra Torralba

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Sandra Torralba is an acclaimed Spanish photographer with a degree in Social Work  and Psychology and a MSc in Therapeutic Counselling. After working for four years within acute mental health units, forensic rehabilitation settings and with individuals with severe psychosocial needs her life took a different path. “I did not truly decide to stop being … Continue reading

How to Start in Stand-Up Comedy by Chris MacLean


How to Start in Stand-Up Comedy: A Guide to Becoming a Comedian in Toronto is the first and only Canadian book about starting in stand-up comedy. It recently won the gold medal for humour and silver medal for best design non-fiction at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards held in New York. We interviewed the … Continue reading

Showcase: Andrea Torelli


Andrea Torelli, fotografo e trentino anomalo, come lui stesso ama definirsi. “Sento la necessità di confrontarmi in nuove sfide stimolanti quindi girare l’Italia e il mondo per ogni tanto tornare a casa e bere l’acqua buona. Ora mi dedico alla fotografia a tempo pieno, in passato ho anche lavorato in palestra e cucinato.”     Intervista di … Continue reading

Showcase: Bill Carman


Meet Bill Carman and his surreal work! Bill has a BFA in visual communication and an MFA in painting. He is a professor of illustration and drawing based in Boise , Idaho (USA). – -Who is Bill Carman? Tell us about yourself I walked into a local Stinker (yes real name) gas station and convenience … Continue reading

Showcase: Patty Maher

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Patty Maher is a fine art and conceptual photographer located in a small forest just outside of Toronto, Canada. ” My favourite place to create is somewhere in the line that separates reality  from the purely magical. I see what is there, and then I try to imagine what could be there – what story … Continue reading

Showcase: Ian Brumpton ‘s Street Photography


Ian Brumpton is originally from Newcastle-on-Tyne and he is now based in London (UK). Throughout his life Ian has always been a great people watcher and that is what drew him to Street Photography. Whilst  this genre is his number one passion, Ian also does cinema and theatre still work, stock photography and photojournalistic/documentary projects. … Continue reading

Showcase: Inga Pae


The work of artist Inga Pae is bright and light and a positive feeling permeates her images. She is currently based in Colorado and works on projects that engage a wide variety of contemporary topics. Using her own vivid and spontaneous language of photography, she aims to inspire new conversations and connections. Interviewed by Peter … Continue reading

Showcase: Ryan Schude


Ryan Schude is originally from the suburbs of Chicago, he lived up and down California for the last 15 years. Outside of photography, he spend a great deal of time perfecting the art of consumerism… Interview by Lucia Ferrazzano Hi Ryan, Where are you now and what can you see out of the window right … Continue reading



Showcase: Maren Becker Maren Becker is a former law student and now media designer by profession, living in Southern Germany.  Where are you now and what’s the weather like? I am at home in Germany, and it is a crisp cold but sunny winter day. What is photography for you? When did you start? Taking … Continue reading

Showcase: The Intimacy Project by Dawn Hartman


Dawn Hartman was born in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) in 1985. She is a 2007 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Psychology. She is now a full time photographer and owner of Dawn Hartman Photography. Her 3 main passions are photography, traveling and service work.  She currently resides in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania preparing to … Continue reading