Showcase: Submerged Art by Hortense Le Calvez and Mathieu Goussin

Posidonia, brown bowl, 2013

Mathieu Goussin and Hortense Le Calvez form an artist duo dedicated to creating submerged art installation. They live and work on their 40 years old sailing boat in the Mediterranean.  Mathieu Goussin before taking part in this adventure worked ten year in the merchant navy laying fiber optic cable. Hortense studied fine art at the … Continue reading

Showcase: Andrea Zavala Folache

Frame NY C.E III

Meet Andrea Zavala a polyedric Spanish visual artist currently based in Amsterdam   How did you come up with the idea of making art as a part of your life? It wasn’t so much of an idea, I would say it  happened without having to plan it. My parents are an architect and a restourer/mural painter and they always … Continue reading

Reportage: The White Noise Project by Sander Meisner

Sander Meisner White Noise 08

Text and photographs © by Sander Meisner Edited by Chiara Costantino [Traduzione in Italiano in basso]  White noise is a random signal with a flat power spectral density. This means it is the neutral background noise present everywhere in the universe. The series of photographs called “White noise” shows the neutral background noise of the modern (western) … Continue reading

SHOWCASE: The lomo show by Stephen Akehurst


Meet  Stephen Akehurst and the lomo show! Hi Stephen! Where are you now and what`s the weather like? Hello Fluster! Right now I am sitting in my studio in Copenhagen. I’ve taken a personal record number of portraits this weekend of the Copenhagen Roller Derby leagues and I have hundreds of photos of beautiful, strong, … Continue reading

Showcase: Jordi Huisman


Jordi Huisman is a 29 year old freelance photographer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His series about the US missile defense system in Czech Republic was published in Vrij Nederland. The portraits of football dads were published in Volkskrant Magazine. From 2006 to 2010 he toured through Europe and Japan with hip-hop duo Pete Philly&Perquisite. The … Continue reading