On the Spot: Nanni Licitra

Nanni Licitra (12)

Nanni Licitra (25) lives in Bologna and is a university student who loves analog photography (medium size, 35mm, 110mm, instant). Always charmed by pictures of great bands of the past (Joy Division, The Stooge, Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground), which for him are much more realistic and, at the same time, more dreamlike than the modern … Continue reading

Pretty in Fluster Analog Selection – #0


-.- -.- -.- -.- Pretty In Fluster is an Analogue Selection by Pretty in Mad for Fluster Magazine. Follow the link to have a chance to be featured in the next selection Have you checked SWAPPA Photobook yet? 100% Analogue Photography from all over the World! Preview and buy it here You can read about … Continue reading

SWAPPA: The Winners and The Photobook!

cover swappa

Finally we made it! SWAPPA Photo Contest has been running through most of the summer and autumn involving 200 photographers from 32 different countries for a total of more than 2000 photos received! Lets cut to the chase, the wait has been way too long! The winner of a Lomography Diana Mini sponsored by Lomography … Continue reading

SWAPPA: Shoot, Swap and Win!


It has been almost a year since “Tell Me A Tale” competition and we thought it was time for a new contest and again it will be involving people from all over the world so it is now time for… – SWAPPA: Shoot, Swap and Win! – – What is it? Swappa is an analogue … Continue reading

Showcase: Pretty In Mad

SUNSET STRIP dishwashed by mustolina - pretty in mad 1

Pretty In Mad: film adventures. Her motto is “cats and cameras. What else?”. I say: rolls, a lot of rolls, experiments and poppy fields. – Interview by Giulia Bertelli [Traduzione in italiano in basso] Hi Pretty in Mad, I’m going to admit something right away: I’ve been following your adventures around the web for a … Continue reading

ISO600- Instant Photography Festival

Logo ISO600

One thing we always believed in here at Fluster Magazine is that film is not dead and we are very  happy to partner with ISO600- Instant Photography Festival now at its second edition! Shows! Workshops! Meetings with authors! Seminars! Portfolio Reading! Temporary Polaroid Museum! Performances! Contests and much more will be brought to you at … Continue reading

Reportage: The White Noise Project by Sander Meisner

Sander Meisner White Noise 08

Text and photographs © by Sander Meisner Edited by Chiara Costantino [Traduzione in Italiano in basso]  White noise is a random signal with a flat power spectral density. This means it is the neutral background noise present everywhere in the universe. The series of photographs called “White noise” shows the neutral background noise of the modern (western) … Continue reading

Showcase: Lauren Simonutti

03 The eye is the center

Lauren Simonutti was born 1968 in Morristown, NJ (USA)  graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 1990. Lauren is currently living in Baltimore (MD – USA) having purchased “a delicate wreck of a house which serves as refuge, framework & model facilitating her largest body of work in progress thus far”.  Lauren … Continue reading