Showcase: Liat Aharoni

Liat 3

  Liat Aharoni graduated in political science at the University of Toronto; this helped her to explore issues related to womanhood, struggle and identity. She is a self-taught photographer who seeks to elevate these narratives into surreal and fictional imagery. Liat’s work aims to portray the concept of balance in life, between the grotesque and beautiful. It is both celebratory and … Continue reading

On the Spot: Aurélien Buttin


Aurélien Buttin (27) lives in Amiens, France. He studies geography and plans to travel from Canada to Argentina and take photos on his way. He likes photography since he was a child, with photography he can express his feelings and how he sees life. He considers photography more than an art: the power to catch … Continue reading

Showcase: Agent X

Agent-X Golden-Girlz

Raised in the state of Kentucky in the United States of America and Connecticut, Agent X’s artwork has been exhibited in London, Spain, Los Angeles, and New York City. He studied art in New Haven, Vancouver and Atlanta, and was a semi-finalist in the New York Art Marathon (2011). Agent X currently lives and works … Continue reading

How to Start in Stand-Up Comedy by Chris MacLean


How to Start in Stand-Up Comedy: A Guide to Becoming a Comedian in Toronto is the first and only Canadian book about starting in stand-up comedy. It recently won the gold medal for humour and silver medal for best design non-fiction at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards held in New York. We interviewed the … Continue reading

Reportage: The Indignados by Joey Panetta

joeypanetta_reportage_madridprotests_2012_09 copy

– The Indignados Photos and text by Joey Panetta –As we currently find ourselves in the midst of a global economic and social tail spin, I’d like to focus on a group of people that have adopted the name, The Spanish Indignados.   Like the Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS), the Indignados were brought together in … Continue reading

Showcase: Patty Maher

cover patty_flustermagazine

Patty Maher is a fine art and conceptual photographer located in a small forest just outside of Toronto, Canada. ” My favourite place to create is somewhere in the line that separates reality  from the purely magical. I see what is there, and then I try to imagine what could be there – what story … Continue reading

Showcase: Julien Coquentin


Julien Coquentin was born in 1976 in France and has worked as a male nurse for over ten years. He has two daughters and he travels a lot. He is passionate about photography since 2007 and about chocolate all his life. Interviewed by Chiara Costantino   [traduzione in italiano in basso] Hi Julien! How did you … Continue reading

Ned & Larry’s 1st book – ‘It’s Raining Food’


You have seen them swimming on our homepage for the last few months every day with a different story, and now Ned & Larry’s 1st book – ‘It’s Raining Food’ is  available on Amazon! Fluster Magazine, as a media partner, and host Charlotte Room will be presenting the Ned & Larry launch party this June … Continue reading

COMICS: Ned and Larry on Fluster Magazine daily! Exclusive interview!


Ned and Larry on Fluster Magazine daily! – You might have seen them swimming on Fluster Magazine homepage in the last few days… We are proud to announce that from today Ned and Larry and their misadventures in (and sometimes out) of their bowl will be featured on Fluster Magazine daily! Ned (the fat one) … Continue reading

Showcase: Gary Soo


Who is Gary Soo? Tell us about your background? Good question, i’m still trying to fit together the pieces on the “Who is Gary Soo ?” puzzle. I was born in Fort Mcmurray, AB, Canada with both my parents originating from Malaysia. I grew up with one brother and two sisters. My whole family is … Continue reading