Showcase: Mike Lund

Michael Raymond Lund is a visual artist (photography, painting/drawing) from Minneapolis, MN. Currently, he is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His goal is to be the greatest  photographer that has ever lived.

Interviewed by Nassia Kapa
Edited by Chiara Costantino


Hello Mike, tell us a bit about the persona behind the camera. What would be the most important thing you’d like to let people know about you as photographer? 

Its essential to separate the art from the artist. Who I am is irrelevant. My work speaks for itself.


What is your relationship with photography? When did it start and what does it mean to you?

Originally, I was interested in film-making but found it to be too collaborative. I want to present a singular vision. Photography allows me that.


Your work is a mixture of documentary and street photography. What sort of stories are interested in telling through your photographs?

I am non political and non conceptual. I present the raw ingredients of a story, and the observer creates the narrative. There is no right or wrong. My intention does not matter to the observer. Once i create the art; the observer owns it.


Tell us about the places you have photographed. Why do they inspire you?

The majority of my work was shot in Istanbul, Bucharest, and Morocco. Everything and everywhere is capable of inspiring me. I revel in being displaced and out of my element; its the main fuel to my creativity. I use the camera to forge an understanding of a new place. It forces me to see things that are hidden and beautiful.


Do you shoot analogue or digital? Why do you often choose the red scale in your photography?

Digital is inherently a compromise. I shoot exclusively analog. I use a lot of expired film, which may account for the “red-scale”.

13397546705_a500fe7f07_oMany of your photographs evoke a certain atmosphere and a thought provoking light, scenery, despite of complete human absence. Tell us a bit about that.

Atmosphere is always my main focus; with or without humans. I want to provoke something intangible rather than concrete. Instead of stories; i want to convey feelings.


How do you see yourself as photographer in 5 years?

I foresee nothing. The only thing on my mind is what I will create today. 5 years from now it will be the same; only I hope to be rich and famous.


Any projects you are currently working on and would develop in the future?

I have an ongoing project of self-portraits taken in street scenes. The self tends to be obscured and distracted by the more obvious surroundings.


Beside photography, what other source of communicating stories would you use?

I want to be a novelist, but right now my main focus is visual arts.


Give an advice to young fellow photographers out there.

There are no rules. Strive to be the best or else there is no point.






(Images © Mike Lund)

More about Mike Lund’s work here


 Nassia Kapa, aka Nassia Katroutsou, is an independent self-taught Greek  photographer based in London, UK. Restless in mind and passionate in heart, she only  realised her genuine obsession with photography, when her need for self-awareness  and repositioning in life was of vital importance. She has participated in local  exhibitions in Athens, Greece and her work has been hosted among Greek and  international photography related web pages and magazines. Nassia Kapa is an escape  exit for Nassia Katroutsou, and her main target is to experience life to it utmost limits, using photography as a vehicle.






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