Showcase: Submerged Art by Hortense Le Calvez and Mathieu Goussin

Posidonia, brown bowl, 2013

Mathieu Goussin and Hortense Le Calvez form an artist duo dedicated to creating submerged art installation. They live and work on their 40 years old sailing boat in the Mediterranean.  Mathieu Goussin before taking part in this adventure worked ten year in the merchant navy laying fiber optic cable. Hortense studied fine art at the … Continue reading

On the Spot: Edwin S Freyer


by Chiara Costantino Edwin S. Freyer was born in Las Palmas GC (Spain) in 1985. He took a degree in Photography Studies at the Gran Canaria School of Art and attended to several courses with different artists. His art encompasses both commercial works, mainly fashion and portraits, and personal works, such as Sôlus (2009 – 2010) … Continue reading

Digital Painting: Luis Miranda


Luis Miranda is a mixed raced photographer and digital painter, interested of everything that involves art, music and culture. He has dedicated many years travelling, getting involved with new cultures and different points of seeing life. Luis considers himself “an internally rich person, hungry for new experiences”. -Hi Luis, where are you now and what`s … Continue reading

Showcase: Ben Mortimer


There is no better way to  introduce this artist than letting him speak by himself. Ladies & Gentlemen: BEN MORTIMER ! Benjamin Mortimer is a photographer & builder living in Brooklyn: He started off building the stupidest bikes in the world for Black Label Bicycle Club in an obvious attempt to hurt his friends: This … Continue reading

Interview: La Brigada Grafica


Meet La Brigada Grafica (The Graphic Brigade), a group of  Spanish  graphic creatives who joined forces to make the diffusion of their work easier. What is “La Brigada Grafica” (LBG)  and who is  the brigade ? We’re a group of creatives (freelance) who joined together in order to make easier to share their artwork, collaborate … Continue reading

Art: Painting with light – Stephen Knapp


Stephen Knapp’s lightpaintings expand the concept of light sculpture and light art and continue the traditions of kinetic art, op art and abstract painting. His sculptural canvases appear to be painted but are all created with light and glass. Lightpaintings are the intersection of painting, sculpture and technology, exploring color, light and space and are … Continue reading