Showcase: Diggie Vitt

(c) diggie vitt

Diggie Vitt is a fine art photographer from Jacksonville, FL. For the past three months he has been traveling the United States completing his 365 project (a photo every day for a year) and has now put down roots in Los Angeles, California. Diggie has also had work featured on My Modern Met, Exposure Guide, … Continue reading

Showcase: Ryan Schude


Ryan Schude is originally from the suburbs of Chicago, he lived up and down California for the last 15 years. Outside of photography, he spend a great deal of time perfecting the art of consumerism… Interview by Lucia Ferrazzano Hi Ryan, Where are you now and what can you see out of the window right … Continue reading

Showcase: TJ Scott

She Waits In The WIndow

T.J. Scott grew up as an actor in Canada, and then he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career behind the camera.  He has worked in Hollywood for the past 15 years as a Director/Writer/Producer of Films and TV Series. T.J. has always been intrigued by and entrenched in the world of fine arts, including painting and … Continue reading

Showcase: Sarah Allegra

Where Dreams And Shadows Lie fluster

Sarah Allegra is an internationally published, conceptual fine art photographer living in the Los Angeles area. Her work tends to be very mythic, fairy tale-inspired, symbolic and dream like. ” You must check what lurks in the shadows. Simple images represent complex thoughts. Dragons and unicorns are as real and cats and dogs. This is … Continue reading

Showcase: Laika For Bennies


Who is Laika for Bennies? Tell us a bit about your background. Laika for Bennies is just a name I’ve always used. Not exactly sure where it came from but I like the way it sounds. My name is Kaitlyn Fong and I’m a nineteen-year-old photography and public relations student going to USC and living … Continue reading

Showcase: lostlosangeles

Souvenir dreams

“lostlosangeles” (deliberately all lowercase as one word “in order to give each fragment equal emphasis” is the pseudonym for this Los Angeles based photographer. He explores the lost and forgotten spaces that the eye has learned to ignore… 1 Who is lostlosangeles? Tell us a bit about your background. A bit about the name first.  … Continue reading