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Loading the film

When loading the  it is useful to mark the first frame (frame zero) in order to allow a better superposition.

It is not always possible to have a perfect superimposition but to improve your chances

  • Fold the beginning of the film where it connects to the take up spool
  • Stick a small piece of tape over the film and the take up spool (see video tutorial below)
  • Take a permanent pen and draw a line around the frame zero (the frame which is in front of the shutter when you load the film).

When your Swap Buddy receives your film after you exposed it, he/she will  have to load it the same way trying to position the frame zero marks in front of the shutter.

Confused? Watch the video tutorial below!

Unloading the film

Once you have exposed a film roll for the first time, you need to rewind it partially so that the feeding tab (the loading part of the film) remains outside of the film can, just like a new unexposed film roll.  So when you send it  to your Swap Buddy,  he/she can easily reload it in a camera and shot over the film a second time.

  • If you have used the tape techique rewind VERY SLOWLY until you feel some resistance then you can open your camera
  • If you forgot to put the piece of tape when you loaded the camera, do the as follow in total darkeness (like in a darkroom or at night under the sheets): open your camera back and gently rewind the film while putting a finger on it, so you can feel when you are reaching the end and stop before the film is completely into the can.

If you are exposing the film for the second time, you can just rewind the film  as usual.

Exposing the film

Your film will be exposed twice, so it will receive a double amount of light . To achieve the best results you should both underexpose the film. So if you camera has an ISO selector and you are using an ISO 100 film you should set  the selector at ISO 200, so that the film gets half the light.

If  you are using an ISO 200 film, set  the selector at ISO 400

If  you are using an ISO 400 film, set  the selector at ISO 800 and so on.

If you camera hasn`t got a selector just ignore everything we just said and keep shooting! It will be awesome anyway!

Remember that light (and bright colors) will “burn” the film and will definitely cover the other shot on the same frame! In other words, if you soot at the sun, or bright sky, or a white object under direct light, .. these will cover anything else darker on the film.
On the other hand, dark zones in your composition will not expose the film so it will let appear anything brighter exposed on the film.


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