Showcase: Blaz Kutin

Blaz_Kutin (15)

Blaz Kutin is a filmmaker and photographer. Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, he is currently based in Berlin, Germany. He graduated in Ethnology and Sociology, but soon started working as a film writer/director. He directed several shorts and received a New Media award at the Cannes Film Festival for his screenplay “Lara” (2006), while his first … Continue reading

Showcase: Keiko McCartney


 Keiko McCartney is 19 years old. She is Spanish and she studies German Studies at University. In her free time she is  a photographer and a writer.  Interviewed by Chiara Costantino   [Traduzione in italiano in basso] Hi Keiko! How did you come to photography? Hi! Well, when I was a child I used to … Continue reading

Showcase: Gregg Bucken-Knapp


Gregg Bucken-Knapp is a portrait photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland.  His work reflects an interest in creating images that depict a subdued sense of drama, and where the attempt by subjects to navigate powerful and conflicting emotions in moments of uncertainty are often central components. Interviewed by Chiara Costantino [Traduzione in italiano in basso]     … Continue reading



Showcase: Maren Becker Maren Becker is a former law student and now media designer by profession, living in Southern Germany.  Where are you now and what’s the weather like? I am at home in Germany, and it is a crisp cold but sunny winter day. What is photography for you? When did you start? Taking … Continue reading

Showcase: Maria Sturm

Linh naked Q 2 001

Meet Maria Sturm, 26 year old photographer born in Romania and currently living in Germany. Maria is studying photography at the University of Applied Sciences of Bielefeld, Faculty of Art and Design. – Hi Maria, where are you now and what`s the weather like? I just came home from the train station, it’s wet and … Continue reading