On the Spot: Mai Haruno


Mai Haruno was born 1982 in Aichi (Japan) and works as a freelance illustrator and Artist there. As she was 13,  Mai met Shinzi Katoh, a commercial designer, who showed  her his works, and taught her how difficult and  worthwhile this kind of work is. Mai graduated at Kyoto City University of Arts. She loves drawing something … Continue reading

Showcase: Bill Carman


Meet Bill Carman and his surreal work! Bill has a BFA in visual communication and an MFA in painting. He is a professor of illustration and drawing based in Boise , Idaho (USA). – -Who is Bill Carman? Tell us about yourself I walked into a local Stinker (yes real name) gas station and convenience … Continue reading

Showcase: Beatrice Bencivenni

biglietto natale

Beatrice Bencivenni è nata e cresciuta in provincia di Bologna, già da piccola col pallino per il disegno e gli animali. Credeva di voler fare il veterinario, fin quando una professoressa di latino non le ha fatto cambiare idea. Si è laureata presso l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna,  frequentando un corso in Fumetto e Illustrazione con … Continue reading

Showcase: Sean Cleary


Sean Cleary is an illustrator from Queens, New York who works mainly in traditional pen and ink with watercolor washes. His work can be found over at Sparrow Canyon Illustrations.  Interviewed by Chiara Costantino   [Traduzione in italiano in basso]  Hi Sean! How did you start drawing?  All those margins in my school notebooks just called … Continue reading

On the Spot: Oli Sansom


Oli Sansom is a designer from Melbourne, working with a digital health startup. His background is in illustration moreso where he did mostly cartoons and animations for e-learning, then moved to digital design, and recently trying to turn it up with photography. This year he moved to making music videos on the side, so he … Continue reading

On The Spot: Portraits by Chris Denner


Portraits by Chris Denner Welcome to the long-overdue collaborative mash-up of two established East Midlands artists – Koo Bhangra (aka The Unloved) and Chris Denner (aka Jericho 1) who have come together for the first time to combine cutting-edge photography with graphic illustration. This self-initiated, mixed media exhibition, which is sponsored by PG1 London, is … Continue reading

Showcase: Julia Yellow


Julia Yellow is a talented illustrator currently living in Savannah, Georgia (USA) and will be graduating soon from Savannah College of Art & design with a B.F.A. in illustration. She is often asked rather if her last name is real and she will always says yes.  Her last name in Chinese is pronounced as “Huang” … Continue reading

On the Spot: Marina Ćorić


by Chiara Costantino   Marina Ćorić comes from Zadar, Croatia. Since youngest age she knew she wanted to be an artist. It was primarily traditional art she was interested in but in recent years she became also very interested in photography. She attended an art school and finished it as a fashion designer. Recently she … Continue reading

On the Spot: Kelly Clancy

God Loves the Meek-sm

[Traduzione in Italiano in basso] Kelly Clancy was born in Philadelphia and earned her BS in physics from MIT. Her illustrations and graphic narratives have been featured in magazines and literary journals internationally. Her Xeric-awarded debut graphic novel, “Soldiers of God,” chronicles the war in Central Asia from the perspective of women and children in … Continue reading

Showcase: Pawel Kuczynski


Pawel Kuczynsky was born in 1976 in Szczecin (Poland). Pawel graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan with specialization in graphics. recently his work has been mainly focused on satirical illustration. Interview by Kyle A. Sorrell – Hi Pawel, where are you now and what’s the weather like? I’m now in my hometown Police. … Continue reading