On the Spot: Barbaros Cangürgel


Barbaros Cangürgel (1992) is from Turkey, İzmir.He has been taking photographs since he was sixteen years old. He is a student of Cinema in the Department of Fine Arts in Dokuz Eylül University. He is very interested in visual arts. Barbaros does not see himself as a ‘photographer’, he prefers to define his images as “visual data” rather than “digital images”. … Continue reading

STOP PRESS: Video-reportage from Antalya Protests over the death of Berkin Elvan


Regular FM`s readers have already met our Correspondents From the World Cody and Giselle. They currently are in Turkey where they witnessed Turkish riot police firing tear gas and water cannon to disperse several hundred people protesting over the death of Berkin Elvan.  [traduzione in italiano in basso] Berkin Elvan, who has been in a … Continue reading

Sound Art: Scott F. Hall


The sounds that artist Scott F. Hall lures from his various instruments and occasional field recordings resonate with a deeply internal, thoughtful sensibility. The intensity with which he creates, plays, and composes, reveals a freedom of expression and ultimately a real pleasure in making sound. He also works in video and stop motion.  Interviewed by … Continue reading

Showcase: Alain Etchepare


Interviewed by Chiara Costantino   [Scroll down for Italian translation] Alain Etchepare was born in 1965 in Biarritz (France). He has been a professional photographer for many years before changing job and practising photography just as artist.     Hi Alain! How did you come to photography? I discovered photography during a darkroom session where I was … Continue reading