Showcase: Tiziana Bel


Tiziana Bel (1984) is an Italian photographer from Puglia. She is fascinated by art since she was a child. Tiziana studied Cultural Heritage while specializing in self-taught photographic technique. In 2011 she got in contact with Museum of Photography at Polytechnic of Bari. There she attended laboratories and workshops and approached conceptual photography. After some years of experimentation, recently her photographic research focused on … Continue reading

Reportage: Lineas Alienadas


María Callizo Monge (1992) was born in Zaragoza (Spain). She is currently living and working in Barcelona. As a visual and conceptual artist, her works have been exhibited and published on some magazines. Since she was a child she had always a camera in her hands, so she could portrait her world as her eyes saw it. She likes to … Continue reading

Reportage: Fake Places by Chiara Raffo

Fake places

Chiara Raffo is an Italian/French photographer. She was born and grew up in Genoa, Italy. She took a BA in Civil Engineering, attending at the same time courses about photography. She completed her studies in photography with a one year MA in Photography and Visual Design at Forma, Foundation for Photography in Milan, Italy. Chiara assisted the photographer Jacopo … Continue reading

Reportage: 100 Abandoned Houses


Kevin Bauman was born in 1972 in metropolitan Detroit, Michigan. Raised by an artist and an architect, he was introduced to art and creativity at an early age. In 1996 he discovered photography, and have been working in the medium ever since. He has worked in the traditional darkroom in both black and white, and color, as … Continue reading

Showcase: Jordi Huisman


Jordi Huisman is a 29 year old freelance photographer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His series about the US missile defense system in Czech Republic was published in Vrij Nederland. The portraits of football dads were published in Volkskrant Magazine. From 2006 to 2010 he toured through Europe and Japan with hip-hop duo Pete Philly&Perquisite. The … Continue reading