Showcase: Deda


Born and raised in Greece, her true name is Evangelia Tsialta. She always had the art as a form of expression in her life. First drawing, then painting, now photographing, she enjoys life and is nothing more than a dreamer.  Interviewed by Nassia Katroutsou Edited and translated by Chiara Costantino     Hi Deda! Tell … Continue reading

On the Spot: Chiara Baragatti

about woman 2

Chiara Baragatti is an Italian photographer based in Tuscany, with a passion for analogic – digital photography and darkroom since she was younger. She is 33 years old, and she is a social assistant. She likes thinking that photography takes shape together to her being, to her way of thinking. Photography as an expression of the soul, … Continue reading

On the Spot: Josefine Jönsson


Josefine Jönsson is 22 years old fashion and alternative photographer based in Sweden, Stockholm. She began photographing in the beginning of 2006 as she wanted to focus on something else than traditional drawing. Her style has changed a lot during these six years, but it still reminds her about dreams and memories where she can … Continue reading

Showcase: Nassia Kapa


Nassia Kapa’s photography translates her visual thoughts. She has never set any limits in expressing herself. It has been almost three years now that she has been working on her photography projects.  Interviewed by Chiara Costantino [Traduzione in italiano in basso]     Hi Nassia! How did you come to photography? You know what they … Continue reading

Showcase: Cari Ann Wayman (aka Yyellowbird)


Cari Ann Wayman (aka  Yyellowbird) is a 23 year old talented photographer from northern Illinois (USA). She mostly makes self portrait pictures in abandoned buildings. Who is Yyellowbird? Tell us a bit about your background. Haha well “yyellowbird” was just a screenname, I never intended for it to really represent me or take the place … Continue reading

Showcase: Mariska Karto


Mariska Karto is a photographer/illustrator born in Suriname (South-America) and raised in Holland. Long ago she started out as a painter. This work was mostly technical, and she felt she was missing something essential. A while after this period, she designed and successfully sold vintage-clothing. This period lasted for about two years. Shortly after, she came into … Continue reading

On the Spot: Edwin S Freyer


by Chiara Costantino Edwin S. Freyer was born in Las Palmas GC (Spain) in 1985. He took a degree in Photography Studies at the Gran Canaria School of Art and attended to several courses with different artists. His art encompasses both commercial works, mainly fashion and portraits, and personal works, such as Sôlus (2009 – 2010) … Continue reading

Showcase: Claudia Moroni


Claudia Moroni was born in Rome the day that Chernobyl’s radioactive fallout reached the city and, in spite of her mother’s worries that she would grow an extra arm, she is a “normal” 6ft tall girl who looks anything but Italian. Currently she lives in London, where she works as a freelance photographer and assistant. … Continue reading

Showcase: Cecilia Bianchi


Cecilia Bianchi è nata a Como, si è poi spostata a Torino per una manciata di anni sufficienti a “svegliarle la vita”. Attualmente vive sospesa nella capitale come dogsitter e dogwalker a tempo pieno, forse pronta a muoversi di nuovo, forse no.   Interviewed by Chiara Costantino   Ciao Cecilia! Parlaci di quando hai iniziato … Continue reading

On the Spot: Valentina Vortice


by Chiara Costantino   Valentina [V.]ORTICE. is a 20 years old student from Cagliari (Sardinia). She started shooting by chance: she adores travelling and since she was a child, because her mother did not like to take pictures during their holidays,  Valentina had to take them. At first those pictures were just souvenir photos, but … Continue reading