On the Spot: Stunning Girlz

Gianmarco De Chiara (Naples , 1989) studied Modern Literature and graduated in English Literature with a thesis about Tolkien and Middle Ages. Since childhood he manifests his passion for drawing and comics. Over the years he has experimented various graphic techniques and narrative for the realization of his comics. In these works there is no place for superheroes, but instead they are populated by those “everyday heroes” who are humans, characterized by their dreams, their hopes, their flaws, their violence, their limits and their relationships. With these characters Gianmarco tries to express current times in the most direct way. He also experimented other languages like painting, graphics and illustration, never forgetting the great passion for writing. In 2008 he founded a first self-produced comic’s magazine called “Malefico” and in 2010 he founded the latest magazine called “Fumé”. 

Stunning Girlz1

Stunning Girlz2

Stunning Girlz3

Stunning Girlz4

(Images © Gianmarco De Chiara)

More about Gianmarco De Chiara’s work here


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