Showcase: Yoav Friedländer


Yoav Friedländer is an “Americanized” Israeli. He was born and raised between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. His art is composed of mediated American culture, desert landscapes of childhood, and war. Interviewed by Marinos Tsagkarakis Edited by Chiara Costantino Yoav, how did you come to photography? I have two distinct first memories of coming into photography. When … Continue reading

Showcase: Tiziana Bel


Tiziana Bel (1984) is an Italian photographer from Puglia. She is fascinated by art since she was a child. Tiziana studied Cultural Heritage while specializing in self-taught photographic technique. In 2011 she got in contact with Museum of Photography at Polytechnic of Bari. There she attended laboratories and workshops and approached conceptual photography. After some years of experimentation, recently her photographic research focused on … Continue reading

On the Spot: Benedetta Ristori


Benedetta Ristori (26) is a young photographer currently based in Rome. After high school she approached the world of visual art in a spontaneous and individual way.  Since 2009 she dedicated herself entirely to photography. Benedetta started as an assistant photographer in Rome and began to exhibit in group exhibitions and later in solo exhibitions. As a freelance photographer … Continue reading

Reportage: Lineas Alienadas


María Callizo Monge (1992) was born in Zaragoza (Spain). She is currently living and working in Barcelona. As a visual and conceptual artist, her works have been exhibited and published on some magazines. Since she was a child she had always a camera in her hands, so she could portrait her world as her eyes saw it. She likes to … Continue reading

Showcase: Aaron Nett

Aaron Nett waking nightmares 620

Aaron Nett grew up in the NW on the Oregon Coast. Moved around Oregon and California for school over the past ten years or so, and now splits his time between Portland and Salem. You might consider him to be in the “lifetime student” category, and will probably continue to drift in and out of school … Continue reading

Showcase: Stefania Sammarro (Ania)

il silenzio dle corpo

Stefania Sammarro is a young Italian photographer based in Calabria (Italy). She is passionate about photography, digital and analogue . She writes on her own blog as well as on magazines about photography and cinema. She got a degree in Dams (Art, Music and Performance’s Disciplines) at the University of Calabria and currently she is studying … Continue reading

Showcase: Cristiana Gasparotto


Cristiana Gasparotto is an Italian photographer with a degree in English Literature and History from the University of Padua. Her work is highly self-referential, drawing intensely on her own emotions and personal experiences; it been exhibited in Europe as well as Miami and New York and been published in numerous magazines, including Vogue Italia online. … Continue reading

Showcase: Fábio Miguel Roque

07-can you predict spring

Fábio Roque  was born 1985 and is a photographer born and based in Lisbon, Portugal. He studied photography at I.P.F. (Portuguese Institute of Photography), Lisbon between 2004 and 2007. Then he attended the workshop of History of Photography Contemporary at Ar.Co., Lisbon 2010. His work is mainly on documentary photography, more recently Fábio discovered his passion for a … Continue reading