Photo 2 Pavlova Mixing

PIROUETTES AND PAVLOVAS Written by Samantha Molnar Photography by Madeline Gill Edited by Mateo Jarrín Cuvi – Sometimes I can’t talk. When I can’t talk, I dance. Sure, some people may see my graceful movements as erratic, uncontrolled gesticulating, but to the trained eye, I am conveying a complex range of emotions in a unique … Continue reading

Flavours: She’ll Come Out Swinging

by Mateo Jarrín Cuvi Grecia, my aunt’s pint-sized cook back in Quito, makes one mean empanada. We’re not talking here of the typical flour-based crust filled with meat, chicken or vegetables common to Argentina, Chile, or Bolivia, and delicious in their own right. Her empanadas de verde, fried green plantain turnovers stuffed with cheese that … Continue reading