Reportage: On (your) body by Valeria Pierini

Valeria Pierini (1984) was born in Assisi, Italy and lives in Bastia Umbra. Her works were featured in many collective and solo exhibitions in Italy and won several awards. She also organizes photography workshops and contributes to printed and web magazines. Her On (your) body project is a sneak preview for Fluster Magazine.

Text and images by Valeria Pierini
Edited by Chiara Costantino



”On (your) body” replaces the female body with the male, and tells it with a contemporary look, but inspired by the great tradition of painting and photography on the body. The body is here narrated through some topics suggested by the literature and present in the titles: ‘the symmetry of desires’ of Eskol, “sons of Adam” by Whitman, with the closing ‘night dances’ by Sylvia Plath. It ‘s a play of lines and lights reflecting on the ambiguity of the forms, now ephebes now androgynous. It ‘a celebration of the one thing on which the human being has no choice and that is a source of occasions destinali: the body. To give it an identity that often does not belong in the same way as the photographer chooses to portray the body in a certain way. The body – the only true temple of human beings – that differs so much between the tactile and visual sensations: graze imagining and imagining touching look.

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(Images © Valeria Pierini)

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