FLAVOURS: Tasty Little Friends


Tasty Little Friends by Mateo Jarrín Cuvi  Growing up, I associated the word “olive” to many things but the savory almond-shaped fruit. For instance, it recalled the first few verses of Federico Garcia Lorca’s poem Romance Sonámbulo, the wind, the branches, the gypsy woman’s flowing hair and dark flesh, all in my mind in various … Continue reading

FLAVOURS: Drop the Balaclavas, Let’s Make Some Baklava!


Welcome to Flavours, Fluster Magazine’s brand new series on the wonderful world of food. Each month Flavours will introduce you to unique and tasty ingredients, dishes and beverages from across the globe via short blog posts that combine humor, infinite knowledge and a slew of photographs borrowed from our generous and heterogeneous Flickr group. Our main … Continue reading

FLAVOURS: BENTO – Il cibo come spettacolo, lo spettacolo del cibo (Bento – Art as food, food as art)

Il Bento – Il cibo come spettacolo, lo spettacolo del cibo  (Scroll down for ENGLISH TRANSLATION) di Bogo Alberto Se il Giappone ha da sempre subito il fascino dell’occidente, arrivandone ad archiviare miti e mode con dedizione spesso maniacale, è vero anche che l’occidente non si accorge certo ora della cultura Giapponese e soprattutto della … Continue reading


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