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chiedi alla luna

Book Review: The shock of the fall by Nathan Filer

The shock of the fall by Nathan Filer [per la versione italiana andate giù] Reviewed by Giulia Bertelli This is my life. I’m nineteen years old, and the only thing I have any control over in my entire world is the way I choose to tell this story. So I’m hardly going to fuck about. … Continue reading

Marta Ivanova-2

Showcase: Marta Ivanova

Marta Ivanova (1991, Russia) is a young Lithuanian artist, revealing body, femininity and everyday life intimately and unexpectedly in her works. After graduation in Sculpture in Vilnius M. K. Čiurlionio Arts Gymnasium, she chose Photography and Media Arts studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Namely photographic and video material dominates in the artist’s works, but installation … Continue reading

expo 58 jonathan coe

Book Review: Expo 58 by Jonathan Coe

Expo 58 by Jonathan Coe [per la versione italiana andate giù] Reviewed by Giulia Bertelli I have a strange relationship with Jonathan Coe. The first time I read one of his books I didn’t like it so much, it was The Rotters’ Club, it was January of 2006 and I was living a very bad … Continue reading

Aaron Nett waking nightmares 620

Showcase: Aaron Nett

Aaron Nett grew up in the NW on the Oregon Coast. Moved around Oregon and California for school over the past ten years or so, and now splits his time between Portland and Salem. You might consider him to be in the “lifetime student” category, and will probably continue to drift in and out of school … Continue reading

Photo 2 Pavlova Mixing


PIROUETTES AND PAVLOVAS Written by Samantha Molnar Photography by Madeline Gill Edited by Mateo Jarrín Cuvi – Sometimes I can’t talk. When I can’t talk, I dance. Sure, some people may see my graceful movements as erratic, uncontrolled gesticulating, but to the trained eye, I am conveying a complex range of emotions in a unique … Continue reading

Book Review: Moab is my Washpot by Stephen Fry

Moab is my Washpot by Stepehn Fry [per la versione italiana andate giù] Reviewed by Giulia Bertelli I finished this book about two weeks ago and for many different reason I find myself to write about it just now. This is a bit strange for me because I usually have to write down at least … Continue reading

Liat 3

Showcase: Liat Aharoni

  Liat Aharoni graduated in political science at the University of Toronto; this helped her to explore issues related to womanhood, struggle and identity. She is a self-taught photographer who seeks to elevate these narratives into surreal and fictional imagery. Liat’s work aims to portray the concept of balance in life, between the grotesque and beautiful. It is both celebratory and … Continue reading


Reportage: Cheap Festival 2014

From the 1st to the 10th of May Bologna hosted the second edition of Cheap Festival, the festival of street poster art. Street artists, graphic designers, photographers and illustrators from all over the world brought city walls and notice boards to new life. written by Chiara Costantino   Cheap Festival gets planned and organized by … Continue reading


Cinema: Inside Llewin Davis

by Nicla Catano [traduzione in italiano in basso] I wanted to start in a different way but, when I carelessly decided to see what they said about this movie (normally I don’t do it to express my opinion without any other influences) I have been astonished. I had in mind clean photograms, a direct poetry … Continue reading

il silenzio dle corpo

Showcase: Stefania Sammarro (Ania)

Stefania Sammarro is a young Italian photographer based in Calabria (Italy). She is passionate about photography, digital and analogue . She writes on her own blog as well as on magazines about photography and cinema. She got a degree in Dams (Art, Music and Performance’s Disciplines) at the University of Calabria and currently she is studying … Continue reading


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