Showcase: Sarah Rosado

Showcase: Sarah Rosado

Interview By Giulia Bertelli

Sarah Rosado was born in New York City and grew up there ALL her life.  She come from a family with artistic abilities. Her father  was a musician, her aunt, uncle, cousins are also artists. At a very young age she developed a knack for drawing.  She was the only child among her other siblings who always decorated her notebook with drawings and even in class she was always doodling on what ever she could get her hands on. It sometimes got her in trouble.
However, as she grew older, her desire to draw increased.


Have you always been drawing or taking photographs since you were young or did you arrive to art when you grew up?

My passion for drawing began at an early age.  In school I always excelled in art and my teacher constantly praised and awarded me with certificates.  Throughout the years Art became a part of my live. My passion for photography came later on as I began exploring other means of Art expression.

Do you think that growing up in a city like New York helped you finding your particular way of expression as an illustrator?

In some ways, yes.  Some of my female characters show a certain type of New York style attitude in it (not in a bad way), but indicating girl power.  but then on the otherhand, I can go soft and draw something totally opposite showing characters expressing sweetness and innocence.


Your photographs I saw often potrait small particulars that we can see every day. Why this choice?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So I focus on items that can trigger different types of responses.  It is always interesting when I post my pictures, to read about the different ways people perceive the image.  My main interest lies in capturing obects or scenes of things that others usually ignore or are of insignificant value to them; like the leaf that ended it’s life cycle and gracefully landed on my window sill, or the pigeon standing all alone and lost in his thoughts and so on. 

I liked very much the photograph with the pencils and the cartoon; how did you come up with this idea of mixing two techniques?

I’m glad you like it.  When I did the picture of the pencils I wanted to give it a final touch, sort of like a signature stamp and what a better way to do that than to throw something cartooney in the mix.

How much your hispanic side influences your work?

I can say that some of my Art is influenced by my Hispanic side.  For example, the body shape of some of my female characters exhibit the traditional small waist, big hips and rear that is typical of a Latina female.


Speaking of your “cartoon with humor”, i seem to understand that these are your trueste means of comunication. Is that right?

Yes, alot of it is a trusted means of communication.  Many of my cartoon with humor drawings are actually my own internal feelings of expression.  Whether i’m feeling up or down my Art will show a little of who I am. 


Your style is very particular and extraordinary. How did you come up with it? Do you follow someone in particular, do you have in mind any work of your favourite artist or do you let your inspiration flow free?

For the most part I let my inspiration flow free. Sometimes I see something and am inspired by it, but mostly when i’m in the mood to draw, I put my headphones on with my favorite music and away I go.  

What would you like to do with your cartoons? For example, do you see them as characters of some book, merely printed on posters or on some tshirt?

My goal is to start a small business selling tshirts with my Art printed on it.  It would also be great if some of my characters could become famous and used in tv cartoon shows or  as scripts in a newspaper.


I liked so much the girl that looks like a suicide girl with the Mickey Mouse’s elmet. Where did this idea come from?

The idea for the Mickey Mouse helmet on the girl was inspired by a trend that is being used by models on the runway and in pictures.   


Are you working on any special project now?

Yes, I’m currently working on establishing my tshirt business.  I purchased some of the hardware that I need to start printing my Art on tshirts and also doing research on creating a website and so forth. 

What would you like to see/read on Fluster Magazine?

I would like to see my Art in display on the Fluster Magazine.  But it it doesn’t happen I would still read your magazine because it’s very interesting.  I really enjoy looking at the pictures of Artists displaying their skills on all different levels and reading about their stories.

(Images © Sarah Rosado)

More of Sarah’s work here

4 Responses to “Showcase: Sarah Rosado”
  1. timmy says:

    Those eggs are AWSOME!

  2. Purely.. Kay says:

    These illustrations and photos are absolutely artistic and wonderfully made. I really enjoyed viewing and reading this post.

  3. how fun!
    love the eggs
    x kat

  4. musingsofalily says:

    i love all your pictures. you’re amazing!!!
    i’ll come here more often :)

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