“Wrong Pack of Cards” – 3: Interview with Omri Suissa


Meet Omri Suissa,  26 years old, from Raanana, Israel and creator of the series “Wrong Pack of Cards”. His aim is “to create as much as he can in many fields from software, photography, brewing, cooking, magic (illusionary) and more… he  loves turning “nothing” into “something”… What is photography for you? Creating something new, a photo that … Continue reading

“Wrong Pack of Cards” – 2: The Game


“Wrong Pack of Cards” – 2: The Game – The Game – 23:30 The game begins! Leila taking care of the cards and the drinks, letting the players focus Their poker faces reveal nothing… — The Game – 00:05 With a little help from Leila, Phils opening well Phil plays by the house rules, but … Continue reading

“Wrong Pack of Cards” – 1: Meet the characters

“Wrong Pack of Cards” – 1: Meet the characters – Leila “The Dealer” Timing “Leila owns a pub downtown, 3 kids and a dog. After her husband left her the bills just got bigger. From time to time an illegal game is arranged after closing hours, this game is special in many ways…” 09:00 Leilas … Continue reading


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