On the Spot: Giulia Mei


Giulia Mei was born in Liguria (Italy). Her passion for photography was born suddenly, because of a very painful experience, she found that the only way to express and metabolize that tangle of feelings, absences and anxiety was photographing and especially photographing herself. Thus she realized a series of self-portraits that she would define psychoanalysis. In her … Continue reading

On the Spot: Marina Ćorić


by Chiara Costantino   Marina Ćorić comes from Zadar, Croatia. Since youngest age she knew she wanted to be an artist. It was primarily traditional art she was interested in but in recent years she became also very interested in photography. She attended an art school and finished it as a fashion designer. Recently she … Continue reading

Showcase: Mariella Amabili aka MarιLəBοᴎe(s)


Showcase: Mariella Amabili aka MarιLəBοᴎe(s) Meet Mariella Amabili aka MarιLəBοᴎe(s), one of the most interesting, intriguing and mysterious young photographers that Fluster Magazine has ever met. Mariella is becoming increasingly popular in the major photography communities on the internet and we are sure we’ll hear more about her in the future. “50% alien, 30% ghost, 20% … Continue reading


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