Showcase: Pawel Kuczynski


Pawel Kuczynsky was born in 1976 in Szczecin (Poland). Pawel graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan with specialization in graphics. recently his work has been mainly focused on satirical illustration. Interview by Kyle A. Sorrell – Hi Pawel, where are you now and what’s the weather like? I’m now in my hometown Police. … Continue reading

Showcase: Kasia Skrzypek

rnelly nero ivory bleach

Kasia Skrzypek is a Polish photographer based in Brussels (Belgium). Kasia graduated from Universiteit van Amsterdam in 2009.  Interested in conceptual portraiture, and emotional weddings. Also addicted to exploring and endeavouring new shores.  “Constantly on the move, learning, shooting and loving”. Hi Kasia, where are you now and what`s the weather like? Hello, I live … Continue reading

Showcase: Alex Sheldon Savva (aka Slavewire)

Office Man - Favourite Pic

Meet Alex Sheldon Savva (aka Slavewire) from Warsaw, Poland. Who is Slavewire? Tell us a bit about your background. For those who aren’t already aware, Slavewire is the most popular villain of a town called The Pit. And as such, I was awarded a camera by the townsfolk; either out of fear, gratitude, pride – … Continue reading


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