Reportage: Nando’s Circus by Marco Marucci


Marco Marucci was born in 1982 and lived nearly 20 years in Bari – south Italy. Starting from the curiosity about this land and the desire to document it, his love for photography grew up. Research on territory, portraits and reportage are part of the interest of his eye, which is everyday more and more hungry to … Continue reading

Reportage: Park Life by M. R. Hasan

Boy with his horse entertains people in the park.

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan is a documentary photographer based in Bangladesh, represented by Falcon Photo Agency, Australia. He has studied Film & Video Production at the UBS Film School, University of Sydney, and later completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Photojournalism through a scholarship program of World Press Photo at the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for … Continue reading

Reportage: Fake Places by Chiara Raffo

Fake places

Chiara Raffo is an Italian/French photographer. She was born and grew up in Genoa, Italy. She took a BA in Civil Engineering, attending at the same time courses about photography. She completed her studies in photography with a one year MA in Photography and Visual Design at Forma, Foundation for Photography in Milan, Italy. Chiara assisted the photographer Jacopo … Continue reading

Reportage: Land of Light by Giannis Papanikos

Town of Ouarzazate. Street sceneOuarzazate Province, Morocco

Giannis Papanikos was born in Thessaloniki. In 2011 he bought his first camera and began studying photography in Stereosis school of Photography in the center of Thessaloniki. At the same time he started working as a photojournalist,  and doing assignments for a Free Press Ecological Journal. The first project he worked on was called ” … Continue reading

Reportage: The Dog Meat Trade


Cody and Giselle are two vegan travel lovers and animal rights activists making their way around the globe volunteering at animal shelters and sanctuaries along the way. They hope to open minds, encourage free thought and start conversations about the state of animals around the world today.  Text and photos by Cody Kuchirka & Giselle … Continue reading

Reportage: Pascal Fellonneau

Pascal Fellonneau is a French photographer exploring the landscapes of Europe from Iceland to Spain, from his hometown Bordeaux to Paris where he now lives. An important part of his work questions the urban scene as we inhabit it. His pictures depict strange yet familiar landscapes often devoid of humanity. After living in Iceland for a few years, he was … Continue reading

Reportage: The Indignados by Joey Panetta

joeypanetta_reportage_madridprotests_2012_09 copy

- The Indignados Photos and text by Joey Panetta -As we currently find ourselves in the midst of a global economic and social tail spin, I’d like to focus on a group of people that have adopted the name, The Spanish Indignados.   Like the Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS), the Indignados were brought together in … Continue reading

Reportage: 100 Abandoned Houses


Kevin Bauman was born in 1972 in metropolitan Detroit, Michigan. Raised by an artist and an architect, he was introduced to art and creativity at an early age. In 1996 he discovered photography, and have been working in the medium ever since. He has worked in the traditional darkroom in both black and white, and color, as … Continue reading

Reportage: The creature in the wild


Text and photos by Sandra van Hoek – Over thousands of years, bears have been pointed out as dangerous beasts. Meat eaters, ruthless, rampaging camps, backyards and homes only in search of food, killing everything that comes in their way. The coliseum in Rome most likely has a graveyard with hundreds if not thousands bone … Continue reading

Reportage: Hooker Row by Adrian Callan


Adrian Callan is  a British-born  freelance TV cameraman based in Bangkok (Thailand) since 2004. He has been covering all major news events in the region for a variety of broadcaster from the US, Australia, and Europe. Adrian`s love for photography began when he was 16, after being bought a 15 meter roll of Ilford HP5 … Continue reading


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