ISO600- Instant Photography Festival

One thing we always believed in here at Fluster Magazine is that film is not dead and we are very  happy to partner with ISO600- Instant Photography Festival now at its second edition!

Shows! Workshops! Meetings with authors! Seminars! Portfolio Reading! Temporary Polaroid Museum! Performances! Contests and much more will be brought to you at this festival!

This festival is entirely focused on instant photography, both peel a part and integral films, with the purpose of creating and to exhibit unique pieces of art, in opposition to digital sensors of mass production that minimize the creative role of casuality.

ISO600 Instant Photography Festival is organised by, an italian social network dedicated to instant photography.
The event is entirely dedicated to instant photography. Its purpose is to realize and exhibit unique pieces of art. Something to create and to live with the awarness of uniqueness.
Instant photography is living a reborn thanks to The Impossible Project and its
new films, that not only are suitable for more than 4 million old Polaroid cameras worldwide, but are perfect for creativity and sperimentation thanks to their versatility of manipulation.

ISO600 Festival wants to bring people closer to Instant Photography, one of the biggest
symbol of Pop culture created by the genius of Edwin Land more than 60 years ago and still a
strong base of an artistic movement full of narrative power and big creativity.

The program includes:

  • a collective exhibition of more than 50 artists (both italian and international)
  • personal exhibitions of both amateur and professional artists
  • the presentation of some of Marina Alessi’s big Polaroids 20×24″ (50×60 cm.) from her project “Facce da leggere”
  • an exhibition of 8×10 (20×25 cm) instant photos from international Pioneers taken with new Impossible large format films
  • the awardings of different talent prizes: Impossible Talent Prize, Premio Appartamento Lago, Premio Caielli, Premio Oselanda, Premio Esclusivamente Donne e Premio Pezzi Unici. ( more info about here)  )
  • A Polaroid Museum with more than 200 different models of camera from 1948 to nowadays.
  • an instant Library with a collection of photo books and catalogues dedicated to instant photography.
  • conferences, perfomances, collective shootings, meeting with the artists
  • a journey across other locations all over Milan with further exhibitions.

More info about the event and correlated activities here

ISO600 will take place in ARTRA GALLERY, Burlamacchi Street 1, Milan (Italy)
on October 4-7, 2012.

(every exhibition is for free)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Images © owed by the photographers, contact iso600 for details)

If you believe in film as we do

check and subscribe to Analogue Soul…it`s completely free!

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