On the Spot: Oli Sansom

Oli Sansom is a designer from Melbourne, working with a digital health startup. His background is in illustration moreso where he did mostly cartoons and animations for e-learning, then moved to digital design, and recently trying to turn it up with photography. This year he moved to making music videos on the side, so he guesses he likes a sort of cinematic feel in his photo work.
He is spending occasional weekends and mornings here and there doing shoots of friends, and through doing the series and how its evolved he found he is loving the low key side of things, and bringing a painterly or romantic feels to normal stuff. Hoping to take this approach over to his own take on fashion at some point soon.

(Images © Oli Sansom)

More of Oli’s work here

8 Responses to “On the Spot: Oli Sansom”
  1. PK says:

    Fantastic work

  2. These are amazing images!

  3. Susan Hamilton says:

    Stunning as usual:)

  4. Oli says:

    Thanks you lot!

  5. Amazing pictures! I love it!

  6. John Smith says:

    Your settings and locations are fabulous, and I really love the way you manage the light in all these. Particularly you have an unconventional approach to composition which is bold, challenging and exciting. Great work.

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