On The Spot: André Varela

André Varela is 26 year old photographer from Portugal. He usually does most of his work in the form of self portrait and conceptual photography as you can see here.

…and that’s how Andrè  introduces himself:

1 – I am a guy.
2 – I love photography
3 – I enjoy all kinds of photography but I favor self portrait, street, food, animal and nature (not landscape)
4 – I like to eat sweets and Italian food
5 – LOOOOVE Tea!
6 – Most of my friend describe me as goofy, unpredictable, loyal, honest and dark. Yes, it’s kind of an explosive combination (and strange).
7 – I like honest, funny and artistic people.
8 – I like green, black, blue and purple.
9 – Most of the times I don’t care what others think about me and some people may think i am an asshole, but I only care about those who deserve.
10 – One day I have long hair and in the next I shave it. I don’t like to look the same for too long.

(Images © André Varela)

More of Andrè’s work here

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