On The Spot: Portraits by Chris Denner

Portraits by Chris Denner

Welcome to the long-overdue collaborative mash-up of two established East Midlands artists – Koo Bhangra (aka The Unloved) and Chris Denner (aka Jericho 1) who have come together for the first time to combine cutting-edge photography with graphic illustration.

This self-initiated, mixed media exhibition, which is sponsored by PG1 London, is their artistic interpretation of conventional portraiture. Graphic illustration was then added, inspired by authentic harlequin designs from the 15th century. These fancifully designs, varied in colour and decoration fit beautifully with the illustrative geometric shapes that were added over the actual photographic images, allowing Bhangra and Denner the creative freedom to test the boundaries of their prospective art forms and in so doing, create limited edition pieces which are already being hailed as future classics.

Denner, who won international acclaim in 2001 when he won AGFA’s much coveted award for Creative Photographer of the Year, agrees that it is this synergy between the art forms that makes the exhibition so exciting: “previously I’ve never felt the need to exhibit my own personal photographic work, however it became obvious to both of us, even from our very early collaborative pieces, that this artwork HAD to be showcased to a much wider audience. Very quickly our idea of “Wouldn’t it be cool if we COULD do this?”, became “We HAVE to do this, people NEED to see this”.



About Chris Denner

Chris Denner is a UK based, international award winning photographer, a recipient of AGFA’s much coveted “Creative Photographer of the Year “award, and recently received a commendation in the Aesthetica Creative Works Competition 2010.
An innovative commercial photographer for the last decade, Denner’s iconic, dynamic and signature photographic style and his mischievous eye have gained him a reputation as one of the UK’s new onslaught of emerging photographers.
Denner mix’s the romance of creativity and inspiration, to create stylised images that visually communicate key messages with impact.
An insatiable creative, Denner also exhibits his own self-initiated work internationally.

(Images © Chris Denner)

More of Chris’s work here and here

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