Showcase: Julia Yellow

Julia Yellow is a talented illustrator currently living in Savannah, Georgia (USA) and will be graduating soon from Savannah College of Art & design with a B.F.A. in illustration.

She is often asked rather if her last name is real and she will always says yes.  Her last name in Chinese is pronounced as “Huang” which means Yellow.  She thinks the meaning of a word is more “real” than the sound that always gets mispronounced in to other last names.

Interviewed by Giulia Bertelli

Hi Julia, I just found your “Sketches from life – winter 2011”, how long have you been drawing for?

I’ve always been drawing since I have memory.

I see you are living in America, but where are you from?

I am from Taiwan—a beautiful little island.

I found you by chance, combed through some images on Tumblr, do you know this site? If so, what do you think of it? Above all, what about the idea that you can collect together the pictures or the drawings that you can find on the internet in one blog?

Yes, I do know Tumblr.  But I’ve never used it before and just found out there are some people showing my drawing on it.  Pretty amazing.


You really have a special way to portray the life around you. Are you satisfied or are you an eternal undecided?

Not sure if I get the meaning of the question right… but I think I’m pretty satisfied but still want to make things better.


I saw that you also have a travel journal to Hong Kong, why this destination?

I went to Hong Kong through an off campus program in my collage.


You also drew the subway map, did you really use this version on your trip? Also, with that paper, it reminded me a treasure map. Have you found any of that in Hong Kong?

No.  I was just including the travel information so the people who have never been there will have a better sense of the place. And for the people who have been there to feel more related.


Still in the Hong Kong’s sketchbook you drew your teachers, your classmates, the city cabs, why so much passion for things we can see every day? It’s just because you wanted a book about your jurney or because that is what you prefer to draw?

I did that HK sketchbook for the sketchbook project, which the sketchbook will be in Brooklyn library.  Not everyone has a chance to travel to Asia so I decided to have my theme on my journey, also introducing Asia to the viewers and hopefully they will feel like they were with my on the journey.

You made a drawing of hands in both of your sketchbooks, why?

Just for fun.  Also kind of training my left hand in case if one day I get into an accident and loose my right hand.  That’s kind of like everyone’s nightmare I think.


Going to “sketches from life”, how was this project born? From the way you planned it with a title and a final page it really seems a book ready for the print, have you had that in mind?

My professor challenged us to do 100 sketches from life in 10 weeks and if we complete the challenge we can get a T-shirt. That was why I was doing that sketchbook (I really like T-shirt and free stuff, haha). 
I actually combined some drawings in photoshop and switched out the order to make a better presentation so it is more interesting and enjoyable. 

I like so much how you can bring to life even a simple afternoon at Starbucks. Is it one of your favourite places for drawing?

Not really.  I like local coffee shops better.

Do you have one or more places where you know you can find the inspiration for drawing?

If it’s for sketchbooks, I like to be in coffee shops where I can see a lot of people.


It’s also beautiful the drawing where you portray yourself and you ask yourself how the others look at you. Is it a thing that you often do, maybe for an exercise?

Well, I do draw myself once awhile.  But for this sketchbook because I need to finish 100 sketches and I just ran out of things to draw so I started to draw myself.

Where did you see the scene with the mother and the kid with on the leash?

I also wonder where I got that from… it was kind of out of nowhere…. I just thought it might look fun I guess.

I liked all of your drawings and if i’d have to choose one I wouldn’t know which one to choose. Do you have a favourite drawing?

Haha, I can’t choose one.   They are all like my babies. I love them for different reasons.

What projects do you have in mind for your shetchbooks now?

Nothing special.  Just kind of like a drawing diary so it really depends on what happen that day.

In the future, where would you like to go to live?

After graduation I’m moving to NY.  Then after a year or two I’d like to live in San Francisco for a few years before moving back to Taiwan.

(Images © Julia Yellow)

More of  Julia’s work here

2 Responses to “Showcase: Julia Yellow”
  1. RJ Russo says:

    Really interesting work.

  2. nyparrot says:

    Fantastic drawings!

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