Showcase: Tim Skrlec

Hello! Where are you right now and how is your day going?

Hey there! Well practically just scrolling through Tumblr posts searching for some new ideas I think. It’s lazy day so yeah, I’ve been just sitting on my computer; reading blogs, editing some photos and talking to friends. Quite a boring day I guess.   

Firstly, can you tell us something more about yourself?

I’m 17 years old guy from Slovenia. I go to high school of media and try to express myself through photography and writing. I actually like everything about art. My dreams are that someday I’ll be great fashion photographer, living in London which is my favourite place on earth.  So, my motto is: Open eyed discovering trails of art, with Photo camera in my hand and pleasure in my heart!

When did you get into photography and who was the person that inspired you to do so?

Actually when I was 14 years old… There was one girl who I really liked and started to chat with her. We both liked fashion but back in those times I was really interested in modelling and she was the one with the camera. We always talked about great photo shootings we were going to do in the future but sadly they’ve never happened. So that’s why I started to read fashion magazines and searching for blogs about it even more and I’ve always liked those  photos in it  but sometimes I said to myself wait a minute… I can do better photo that this one is! And so I started with photography.  Firstly, it was  just a thing because of one girl which now become my great passion.

Three favourite pieces of your photography gear?

I have to say that I don’t really like to use a lot of gear. I don’t like flash lights so I always try to have photo shootings on sunny days. Also I’m not really ‘rich’ so I don’t even have a lot of gear. I have a tripod, 18-150 lens and my photo camera. That’s all I think…  If I need something more I just ask friends for it. But I really want to have a fish eye lens and an underwater photo camera… well yeah there’s some more stuff I want to have but anyways.      

You spend most of the time doing fashion photography, are there any other genres that you like and is there one that you don’t like at all? Why?

True. I like fashion photography the most because I like to photo people and I really like glamour and prestige.  I also like portrait photography and macro photography is interesting for me as well. I like trying new things and I think that with those genres you can do a lot of things.  Like with every single genre so there isn’t one that I don’t like. Like I said before, I want to have underwater photo camera so I could try underwater photography and combine it with fashion photography. Some people are already doing this and the results are amazing! 

How do you choose locations for your photo shootings?

Before I have a photo shooting I always draw my ideas or something like that. Just a sketch so I can imagine how it would all look like. But still, I always have problems with locations. Not that I don’t know what I want but I don’t know where the location I want is (laughs). But I usually find something that looks right. 

Which photo you’ve taken is your favourite? Can you tell us something more about the background of it?

That would be Pale Life Reflection. It’s actually really funny how that one was created. Once there was a fashion show and my friend who is in that picture and I went to see it. After the show had finished we decided to go ‘shopping’ for a while. Because she was tired, she sat down in one of the changing rooms and I took some pictures of her. Later, when I was home and sure, I was really bored I put this photo in Photoshop and remade it. So that’s it.

Who are your biggest influences/role models?

If we focus on photography I really like work of Mert Alas, Marcus Piggott, Perou, Steven Klein, Matjaz Tancic, Tibor Golob… Those are my role models. I often check their blogs, websites to see what’s new and try to be as good as they are!

If you could choose two supermodels to work with, which ones would you choose and why?

That would definitely be Monika Jac Jagaciak and Freja Beha Erichsen. Jac is my favourite model. I’m in love with her eyes and her innocent look. She’s also my age and that’s why I really respect her. And there’s Freja. An amazing model who always gives something new and fresh. Her look is unique and I really want to work with her because she really is amazing!  

How difficult is a photographer’s life in a small country such as Slovenia?

It’s quite difficult. It’s really difficult to earn some money or to get a job as a  photographer. Also, competition is quite big for such a small country. Slovenia is a really nice country, beautiful country, but if you want to succeed like a photographer you have to be really lucky. So that’s another why I want to live in London!   

Five things and five people you can’t imagine living without?

Five things hmmm… that would be photo camera sure, my iPhone, closet full of clothes, earphones and computer I think. But people…  there are not only fife of them! My family, friends, girlfriend… people who are great support in life! Without them I would be nothing.

What are your plans for the future?

Like I said, I want to move in London and possibly become good fashion photographer – that would be my dream work. So I’m going to do my best to reach those dreams! But anyway if I fail with those dreams, there’s no way that I’ll stop with photography because every single photo you take yourself is magical for you and that moment before you press the ‘trigger’ to get that picture… that feeling is just wordless. 

One question you wish I asked you? (You may answer it as well)

Are you freaking kidding me?! I was answering those for ages and now you’re asking me for another one? No way I’m all sweaty already (laughs).

(Images © Tim Skrlec)

More of Tim’s work here

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