“TELL US A TALE” Short Story Competition: The Winning Stories! (final list)

We know it was a very long wait but we promise it was worth it and you will not be disappointed!
The number of stories submitted exceeded our expectations and choosing the final winners was not an easy task.
These are the 20 stories that will be  published in a book in collaboration with Armida Publications :
1. The End by Eve Murray
2. Guerrillas Marching Down by Mateo Jarrin Cuvi
3. A Night With Hugh and Keats by Julie Noble
4. Distance by Michelle Tudor
5. Stone Divide by Andrea Weiner
6. Collecting Art by Rupan Malakin
7. The Biggest Whore in Westbury by Natasha Long
8. The First Flower After the Flood by Issara ‘Simonet’ Edwards
9. Amongst the Rushes by Hanne Larsson
10. Marcy by Ellie Stewart
11. Wonderful World by Antonio Cruz
12. Lilac e Maxi by Pablo Fuentes
13. The Guardian by Gareth Barsby
14. The art part begins by Ira Nayman
15. The rain by Hannah-Jamie Duncombe
16. Madwoman story by Erato Ioannou-Moustaka
17. Under the sky signs by Gerard Urquhart
18. Payback by Richard O’Callaghan
19. Ghosts by Sam Graham
20. The Dragon by Aline Aronsky
All the winners will be contacted via email by Fluster Magazine in the next  few days.

Short Story Competition - Fluster Magazine
In collaboration with

E anche per la sezione italiana del concorso l`attesa e` stata  lunga e scegliere non e` stato facile!
Questa la lista dei racconti che saranno pubblicati su Fluster Magazine e correlate pubblicazioni:
  1. Per sempre di Aurora Filippi
  2. Tutto passa, o quasi di Ada Aversano
  3. Volatilizzarsi di Alida Pellegrini
  4. Il volo di Tiso Alessandro
  5. Domenica in periferia di Sara Passerini
  6. La cosa rossa di Anna Paola Stefani
  7. Freezer di Andrea Saltini
  8. Allo specchio di Gabriele Guariso
  9. Condizioni  di Federica Flore
  10. La bellezza che fa il suo giro di Lorenzo Marone
  11. Del nostro tempo di Mirko Zacchei
Gli autori verranno inoltre intervistati in esclusiva su Fluster Magazine!
Tutti i vincitori saranno contattati  da Fluster Magazine via email nei prossimi giorni!

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