Ned & Larry’s 1st book – ‘It’s Raining Food’

You have seen them swimming on our homepage for the last few months every day with a different story, and now Ned & Larry’s 1st book – ‘It’s Raining Food’ is  available on Amazon!

Fluster Magazine, as a media partner, and host Charlotte Room will be presenting the Ned & Larry launch party this June in Toronto, Canada!

Cartoonist Robin Crossman offers ‘Ned & Larry’ fans seven weeks of comics in this introductory collection: ‘It’s Raining Food!’ Bright and funny humor served up with a side of dry wit. Packed with over 50 Ned & Larry comics, ‘It’s Raining Food’ is surely one of the most entertaining books about goldfish ever published. Ned & Larry comment on such timeless subjects as love, money, home repair, and even yoga.

Ned (the fat one) and Larry (the cynical one) are two unintentional roommates; they have been ever since they were bagged together against their will at the pet store. Ned (the perpetual optimist) tries to make the best of every situation, although he is prone to the occasional breakdown. This optimism would play well if not for Ned’s roommate Larry, who is yet to get over the fact that his life isn’t working out quite the way he thought it would.

You can buy Ned & Larry – It’s Raining Food here

Join us for the Ned & Larry launch party in Toronto!

Media partner Fluster Magazine and host Charlotte Room present the Ned & Larry launch party! Join us at Charlotte Room (19 Charlotte Street) this June in Toronto Canada for a pre-show book signing by cartoonist Robin Crossman, and stay one of the best stand-up comedy shows in Toronto hosted by comedian Chris MacLean.

More information can be found at:

About Robin Crossman

Robin Crossman grew up on the Canadian west coast, and spent most of his young life in denial about a good many things. Today (like most days) he’s a Toronto based humorist and creator of the very popular comic Ned & Larry. He regularly performs stand-up comedy in Canada; his comic (cartoon) work has been published in a variety of Black Press publications, local and international press and the national US publication Executive Golfer Magazine.

Crossman was born with an awkward view of the world; as a humorist he draws upon that viewpoint to deliver intelligent and witty comedy to the masses. And hey, it’s cheaper than therapy, or so he has discovered. He conveys thoughts of general interest that have everyday appeal and laces them with innuendo and style. He is a graduate of the Vancouver Film School and The Second City Training Center in Toronto.

You can read Robin`s  (and Ned & Larry`s) interview for Fluster Magazine here

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