The Collective & the Collection

The Collective & the Collection

Collecting in the world of art is usually linked to the condition of sponsorship or philanthropic real safeguard of arts. Collecting art tends to be seen as an exercise in elite and rarely as a mass activity.

The Collective & the Collection is a project born in 2006 in Madrid, Spain. Its central idea and development scheme are based in horizontal exchange of works (especially photography) between artists from all over the world who wish to participate. In the same way, it involves the creation of communication bridges between various artists who pass to be united by a dialogue and a reality, embodied in their works.

The project was created by Naama Sarid-Maleta’ and Conrado Rafael Maleta’, being only initiators and promoters more stable until today. The idea in the long run should end with the inclusion of all works in an existing museum or in a newly created. Most artists are from the internet community of Flickr. Until October/2011 the collection had more than 400 works from all other the world.

As a project, TC&TC is not only in the direction of creating a selected group of art works, but as well aims to do as many promotions as possible for the artists that are included in that experience. Publications and exhibitions are in the line of interest of the leaders of the project and always focused in non commercial actions that help to each member in the long journey that is to create arts.

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The the 1st World Expo of The Collective & The Collection will be open from April 26 at BAT YAM Art Gallery, Tel Aviv (Israel). with the direction and leadership of the artist Shai Pardo as master of ceremony.

For more information about the Expo and The Collective & the Collection Project click here

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