Lauren Simonutti was a very talented film photographer, we defined her work as “a brilliant Film Manifesto in our lame digital era.” Sadly Lauren prematurely passed away last week. Fluster Magazine had the honor to interview Lauren in June 2011. Here the complete interview.

Fluster Magazine

Lauren Simonutti was born 1968 in Morristown, NJ (USA)  graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 1990. Lauren is currently living in Baltimore (MD – USA) having purchased “a delicate wreck of a house which serves as refuge, framework & model facilitating her largest body of work in progress thus far”

Lauren is a black & white film shooter, mostly large format, and a devoted darkroom printer. All her images are 100% Digital Free.
Any manipulation, toning and/or effects are done either in camera  or in darkroom.

What is photography for you?

 Photography is the means and the method.  It is proof.  A true thing in spite of artifice. 

Which aspects of your pictures make them stand out as yours, what is your signature?

 Honestly could not say.  The pictures evolve as I do. 


You proudly (and with good reasons) state your work is “digital…

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