COMICS: Ned and Larry on Fluster Magazine daily! Exclusive interview!

Ned and Larry on Fluster Magazine daily!

You might have seen them swimming on Fluster Magazine homepage in the last few days…

We are proud to announce that from today Ned and Larry and their misadventures in (and sometimes out) of their bowl will be featured on Fluster Magazine daily!

Ned (the fat one) and Larry (the cynical one) are two unintentional roommates, they have been ever since they were bagged together against their will at the pet store. Ned (the perpetual optimist) tries to make the best of every situation, although he is prone to the occasional breakdown.  This optimism would play well if not for Ned’s roommate Larry, who is yet to get over the fact that his life isn’t working out quite the way he thought it would…

Hi Ned, hi Larry! How are you today?

Ned: Ummm…oh, a question! Ummm…I’m okay, no wait, that’s not a good enough answer…I’m good…no, ummm…I’m, I’M WELL, yes, I’m doing well. There, that’s it then, well. I’m doing well.

Larry: I’m coping.

So, how did you end living together?

Larry: We were bagged up together at the pet store.

You didn’t plan to be roommates but how do you think you would get on if you were separated? Would you miss each other?

Ned: What? Where are you going Larry!?! You can’t go!

Larry: They said “if” Ned, calm down! In answer to your question: I’m willing to give it a go, see what happens.

Ned, a Fluster Magazine reader after seeing you swimming on our homepage asked if  you were planning to go on a diet.

Ned: I’m on day 7 of my diet and it’s going well.

Larry: It would be going a lot better if those 7 days had been consecutive.

He also wanted to know who is Larry’s idol

Larry: I idolize Ned. Ned gets to spend his days with my intellectual equal.

Ned: What`s Larry`s best quality and worst defect?

Larry’s best quality: He’s always around.

Larry’s worst quality: He can be grumpy in the morning. Come to think of it, he’s sometimes grumpy in the afternoon. Actually, he was pretty grumpy last night too. I guess you could say he’s grumpy.

Larry: What`s Ned`s best quality and worst defect?

Ned’s worst quality: He’s always around.

Ned’s best quality: He fills the space.

If you could be any other animal, which would you be and why?

Ned: Is that an option? I wasn’t told that was an option!

Larry: I’d like to be a cat.

Larry: what`s the worst thing ever happened to you? (apart from being forced to live with Ned)

Larry: There’s worse?

Do you believe in karma?

Ned: Ummm…I’m not ummm…wait, wait…I think so, yes…I’m sure of it!

Larry: They say that “what goes around comes around”, fortunately most of it gets stuck between Ned and the bowl.

How did you take the news you were going to have your own corner on Fluster Magazine front-page? How does it feel being a celebrity?

Ned: I am just so very excited!

Larry: This is for a magazine!?! Ned! You didn’t tell me they were writing all this down.

Any anticipations for Fluster Magazine readers?

Ned: I just hope they enjoy seeing us every day.

Larry: We’ve got a 50% chance of that.

Tell us something about the human who feeds you. What`s his name and what does he do?

Ned: We’re not really sure what he does, or what his name is, but he’s away for what seems like forever sometimes.

Larry: Actually he’s around quite a lot. Ned just gets hungry, and he suffers from occasional blackouts, so it feels like an eternity to him.

What is your relationship with him?

He feeds us.

From your bowl you must have a very good vantage point, tell us something he wouldn`t want us to know?

Ned: He buys discount fish food!

Larry: He bought us to impress his now ex girlfriend; he wanted to prove to her that he could be nurturing. He recently bought ‘Cat’ for much the same reason. I’m worried about what might show up next should this unfortunate dating trend continue.

Ned: Did you tell them about the discounted fish food?

Larry: Ned, go talk to ‘Cat’.

If Robin was a goldfish, would he be more like Ned or more like Larry and why?

Ned: Who’s Robin?

Larry: He’s the one that brought you and me together Ned. He must be like me; I can’t imagine anyone like you doing anything so nasty.

About the man who feeds them…

Born in Victoria BC, Robin Crossman is a humorist and creator of the very popular comic Ned & Larry. He regularly performs stand up comedy in the Toronto area where he also co-produces The Comedy Cabaret with comedian Chris MacLean. He has performed on stage at Absolute Comedy Toronto, Yuk Yuks, and in the Great Canadian Laugh Off and Comedy Brawl.

As a Canadian, Robin was born with an awkward view of the world. But as a humorist he draws upon that viewpoint to deliver intelligent and witty comedy to the masses. And hey, it’s cheaper than therapy. He conveys thoughts of general interest that have everyday appeal and laces them with innuendo and style. He’s a graduate of the Vancouver Film School and The Second City Training Center in Toronto.

More about Robin`s work here

10 Responses to “COMICS: Ned and Larry on Fluster Magazine daily! Exclusive interview!”
  1. tmso says:

    Cute. I’m new to Fluster, and Ned and Larry sound like two great additions. I look forward to reading about them. :)

  2. Wooo! Welcome to Fluster Magazine Ned and Larry!

  3. I’m in love with them already :-)

  4. Ned and Larry’s design are very cute. Look forward to see what you do with them.

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