Digital Painting: Luis Miranda

Luis Miranda is a mixed raced photographer and digital painter, interested of everything that involves art, music and culture. He has dedicated many years travelling, getting involved with new cultures and different points of seeing life. Luis considers himself “an internally rich person, hungry for new experiences”.

-Hi Luis, where are you now and what`s the weather like?

At this moment is 9 am and I’m on in my apartment, sitting in my sofa with all the windows

open because the heat is unbearable. I live in Madrid but in exactly one week I will move to

Manchester. I will miss the blue skies and endless walks under the sun.

-Who is Luis Miranda

I’ve always been a daydreamer. I spent my adolescence taking pictures of everything that

moved up ,painting while I was listening electronic music, writing short stories and “learn to

get excited” with an alternative and rich lifestyle trying to express my creativity through my


I have lived between England, Spain and Portugal, as I have mixed race background, something

that gave me the opportunity to learn to live in a “nomadic” way, traveling from here to there

and trying to base my life on having a rich, social life, learning languages ​and knowing different


– How would you define your work?

It is very surreal but also has some realistic, romantic or even dark touches. It always depends

when I work in them and my mood that day. I’m always attempting to catch a thought on and

make you think when you contemplate them.

-Which aspects of your images make them stand out as yours, what is your signature?

Primarily the use of colors, shadows and the endless attempt to introduce an impossible

subject or suggestion in the everyday landscape.

Tell us a story about one of your pictures?

One night I dreamed on gnomes. They came out of nowhere and they decide to come and visit

me and then, to stay and live with me at home.

Although this idea may seem cool to some people, it greatly disturbed me; I appreciate my

own space and I feel comfortable in the solitude’s arms… Anyway, the fact is that I woke up

and went to work on an attempt to portray my dream’s feeling. “Gnome” was done in just 2

hours, when normally I would work between 2 or 4 days in one piece and its spirit had nothing

to do with my dream. Even so, I decided to publish it without being satisfied with the result

and thought it was pretty rubbish. To my surprise, people liked it a lot and it had become one

of my followers’ favourite.

-What`s your desk right now?

My lap is my current desk. I take my laptop everywhere: One day I can be working in a bar and

the next day in a park. I like flexibility.

-What do you want to communicate or accomplish through your work?

That the impossible really exist and it is among us.

– What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to face to get a great image?

The basis of my works is minimal analog photography or premade backgrounds. I never had

many problems to capture what I wanted or what I was looking for.

– What`s the subject you always wanted to draw but you have not drawn yet?

I keep thinking about making a version of “the Last Supper” or “The Garden of Earthly


– What`s the last book you read?

Indian nocturne by Antonio Tabucci. It helped me to change my conception of reality and

what is behind it

– Are you working at a new project?

I’m pretty busy moving countries, but I have some ideas that are coming together and I will

like to develop them as soon I settle in the UK.

– Who is your favourite artist? 

I love Bosch, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, they are classics. Also, I follow Andy Kehoe, Sarit Evrani

and Kathleen Lolley. Their paintings are simply fabulous.

– Pizza or chips?

Pizza or Friday night while watching silly telly programs.

Chips always welcomed after a night out on my way home (Laughing).

– What`s the question you wish I had asked? …and what is the answer?

I wish you’d ask when you wanted me to sign up as a formal collaborator-artist for your

magazine (laughing).

My answer will be: I’ll start in August as soon as I land in Manchester.

-Can you send us a personalized “doodle” for Fluster Magazine?

All is a little manic at the moment. Will a self-portrait do?

(Images © Luis Miranda)

More of Luis’ work here

One Response to “Digital Painting: Luis Miranda”
  1. Canis Major says:

    I really really like these works,even though I’ve never heard about him before.I love the idea behind these paintings, (“That the impossible really exist and it is among us.”) I think the guy has totally scored the goal.

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