On the Spot: Kristy Wu

Kristy Wu is a Stanford English major and this is her first foray into comics.  She started Pirate Pals as a blog to send a little happiness into people’s lives, so that every day they can wake up, look at their email, and read a comic that reminds them of the good things in life.  She is also a painter and has produced a series of acrylics on canvas on the core and organics of the human existence.
Kristy started Pirate Pals as a blog on WordPress two years ago and she has put out a comic six days a week ever since. Pirate Pals consists of seven characters, neighborhood kids whose adventures revolve around a pirate ship treehouse and who are led by their pirate-obsessed, self-centered, dominating yet still endearing captain, Jeremy the Penguin.  Pirate Pals takes its inspiration from Bill Watterson’s iconic “Calvin and Hobbes,” specifically the idea that extraordinary imaginations can be born out of every day circumstances.  The comic strip revels in the nostalgia of childhood, the importance of good friends, and the joy of being able to play out one’s dream.

More of Rodrigo’s work here and here

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