Showcase: Alex Sheldon Savva (aka Slavewire)

Meet Alex Sheldon Savva (aka Slavewire) from Warsaw, Poland.

Who is Slavewire? Tell us a bit about your background.

For those who aren’t already aware, Slavewire is the most popular villain of a town called The Pit. And as such, I was awarded a camera by the townsfolk; either out of fear, gratitude, pride – it doesn’t matter, I never analyzed the reason.
I had no relationship with photography prior to accepting my ‘award’, and I am still at a loss of how to use it effectively.
For any further information regarding my background, please consult the people of The Pit. The rumors are all true.

What is photography for you?

Photography for me is a way of documenting The Pit, its people, and the world beyond its borders. This sometimes results in something pretty, or something different altogether.

When did you start taking pictures?
I started taking pictures as soon as the battery was fully charged, on the first day of receiving the camera. That was 4 years ago now.
I started by using the camera on myself, but after 15000 of the same facial expressions, I decided to seek out new subjects.

Which aspects of your pictures make them stand out as yours, what is your signature?

If my pictures stand out in any way, it’s either due to the subjects in the photo, the concept, or both.
My signature… is to continually alter my style. Failing that, I disappoint myself to an extended degree and go into hiding, until I regain the strength to capture the magic of life once again..

How do you set up your work?

I rarely set up a shot, for it wouldn’t look real otherwise.
However, driving around in a vehicle jam packed with various ‘accessories’ often comes in handy.
One recent example, is when a local villain known as The Maverick, was armed with nothing larger than a pocket knife during our acquaintance. But after a little rummaging in the vehicle, I unearthed an ax, which he subsequently borrowed for stylish effect to his already complimentary portrait shot.
So I guess it’s more about contributing to the scene, rather than setting it up…


Tell us about the idea/concept of the series “Villains” and “The Office Man”

‘Villains’, of course, is a series of all the rest of the villains I meet along the way. Society is full of good guys, so naturally, there’s always others who keep them away. And they all love their picture taken. Bless them.
‘The Office Man’ is a series close to my heart. Well dressed corporate workaholics, who love nothing more than taking work away from the traditional confines of the office.


Tell us a story about one of your pictures? What is your favourite shot and why?

One memorable incident from a picture was during The Office Man series. The location in question had been a public restroom for men in the center of town, long after midnight. At one point during shooting, a hooded individual walked in, pretended to use the facilities, but instead made a grab for the office man’s pride and joy, his laptop. A struggle ensued, curses were voiced and someone got hurt. The pictures documenting said incident weren’t fantastic, but they were violent and frantic. We also lost a laptop that day.
However, my favourite shot is one of the Office Man, where he is merely standing in an empty pedestrian street [above], surrounded by dimly lit street lamps.
Why? Because it is the epitome ‘look’ of the perfect Office Man that I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing.
What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to face to get a great picture?
The biggest challenge I’ve had to face to get a great picture is fiddling with the camera’s endless settings and options. If only I was taught how to read, then perhaps I’d read the book that came with the camera. Maybe.

What`s the message of your photos, what do you want to communicate or accomplish through your work?

There is no real message through my expanding photographic archives, except for it being a window, through which outsiders get an insight into who I am, what I see, who I meet and what goes on around me; and of course, the town known as The Pit.

What`s the question you wish I had asked? …and what is the answer?
I wished you had asked me.. if I know how to cook. And the answer is.. yes. I make a killer Asian curry. With rice. It’s delicious.

(Images © Alex Sheldon Savva)

More of Alex`s work here

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