Showcase: Melania Brescia

Who is Melania Brescia? Tell us a bit about your background.

Well, I’m a normal girl of 19, who lives in her hometown, Málaga, Spain, who loves photography, and anything else.

And, background… well, as I said I’m 19 years old, I know many others with this age has already their future almost done, but I don’t even pass the 3 years doing photography, i think i need to learn much more, i need more experience to tell you some backgrounds.

What is photography for you?
I’m not saying that is “everything”, because I’d be exaggerating, but it takes a big part of my life. It’s the only thing that can make me feel good, and by myself, I mean, I don’t need others to make me feel good about this, people need words, people need people’s words, you know “you’re great”, “you’re beautiful”, “good job”, “I love what you do”… and I don’t need that, well, yes, everybody needs to see that other people like or love or hate what they do, I don’t know, some reaction, but what really makes me feel good is to take a picture, look at it and say “oh god, I love it, I think I’ll place it in any part of this wall”, (something I dont usually say) and that’s something I love, that even if people go, this will be.

Which aspects of your pictures make them stand out as yours, what is your signature?
Well I think I’m very young in this to have a signature, but I hope it’s the light, I don’t know, I’ve been always very obssesed with light, sometimes more, sometimes less, I don’t know alot about it, but I think I move well with the light, I love to play with it, I love it.

How do you set up your work?
I usually don’t need to set up my work, because it’s usually for myself, but when I have some client I usually ask what they want, if they had some idea, but I always look for ideas and I always ask, alot, I’m very tedious, because, I don’t know, those photos will not be in an album in a cupboard in my house, but in their.

And if the photos are for a magazine, I always look for friends, stylists, designers, and models that knows what they have to do, and I’m so lucky to have a sister who knows makeup perfectly, they really help me a lot, I’m very grateful to have them.

Tell us a story about one of the people you have photographed that made you want to take their picture.
For now I’ve been lucky to photograph people close to me, people I love or people who I appreciate, and when you know them, you’re in confidence, everything it’s much better, you will always want to take their picture. And I wait afraid the day I have to photograph some model I’ve never seen before in my life hahaha, but I’ll do it.

Tell us a story about one of your pictures? What is your favourite shot and why?
Well, I don’t have a lot of storys of my pictures, most of that pictures just tell storys of people, persons, or moments, nothing special or funny the moment i took the pictures.

Favourites, well, I have a few, I look my pictures alot, and sometimes I hate them and sometimes not, today I really love this here below, and why? I know it’s not my best picture, but t gives me very very very good memories, the peace, i don’t know, I remember perfectly that day, the sun, the temperature, I was happy, peacful, everything was perfect, and anything could ruin that day.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to face to get a great picture?
I think that make the sweetest girl in the world, was sexy.

When did you start taking pictures?
I started over 2 years ago, I was studying art, and many people around me had a camera, so, I got curious and I decided study photography so my dad bought me my first camera.

What`s the message of your photos, what do you want to communicate or accomplish through your work?
Well, I never considered to give any message with my pictures, but, little by little, I saw that I transmitted something to some people, without realizing it, that some people know a lot of me just watching my work, I’m still confused, I don’t know if thats good or not, I mean, I dont know if I like that some people know me just for some pictures or if I hate the others that can’t see that i transmite something more that a face, a girl, or something bright.

What`s the question you wish I had asked? …and what is the answer?

I think I’ve never been so honest in a interview, so I’m happy, I think I don’t need any other question, I think I’ve said everything. I’m very satisfied, and I hope you too haha.

(Images © Melania Brescia)

More of Melania’s work here

2 Responses to “Showcase: Melania Brescia”
  1. Jeanne says:

    that… is gorgeous. i LOVE. :D you are talented!

  2. may says:

    she is great. u.u

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